Food for running


Nutrition knows that it is very important in doing good performance when you are running (or participating in exercise), but in the early stages you are running, You should not review it. It is important to know that you gain weight from starting exercise and you gain weight as a result of exercise, even if you eat the same food and quantity exactly as before.

It said it is important to make the right choice when you came to tackle your food. It is important that you still have your generous tolerance to require them and to keep a healthy approach to food. Correct food: Because there are plenty of carbohydrates, energy is obtained and there are plenty of proteins to help keep muscles improving.


As to weekly plans, see the time of the day you are running and avoid them for your food intake. First, breakfast. If you are quiet or run early in the morning due to the most convenient time on the day of your work, for the energy given by this light, liquids and bananas, meals are sessions about 30 minutes ago It will make it more effective. When you return, do not forget to refill the carbohydrate stock before starting your daily routine. A nice simple breakfast of toast, bagels, cereal, fruits will be a wonderful start as soon as you do.

Also, I am looking for health food at lunch time. We can not make more things in advance and buy better ones. Homemade food is generally healthy and has no additives, so it is tasty. It is usually victory to keep your cheap and make your own food! For lunch time, there are carbohydrates (rice, pasta, bread, potatoes) and a few proteins (meat, beans, fish) for meals. Please add fruit and your taste.

Hydration is also very important, so please drink plenty of water all day. If you are not used to it, it will be difficult to drink lots of drinks, but regularly drinking water brings you health benefits and helps your body to live a better life for general life and life Keep in the state.

Evening meal

If you go running in the evening, it is important to have a good source of carbohydrates to carry out again 30 minutes ago. Again before you try to secure toast, cereal, banana you have plenty of power to run.

Then, at this meal, I have a lot of dinner, protein, carbohydrate and vegetables prepared by myself. Do not worry about the night time to eat your food. Most studies on this suggest that there is no difference when you eat at night. Please confirm that there is sufficient water again.

Finally a snack. In fact, there is no doubt that most of the things related to food are actually 'bad' in fact. If you like snacks, fruits, vegetables great oats, sweets, nuts, if you like protein Oily fish takes a kind like right which is a simple way to have a nice and quick health snacks It is most important. Please enjoy your food, eat good healthy alternatives, try away from processed food and you will be in the right orbit.

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