Five fat foods you should not eat


The healthy supply of fat during a meal is very important to maintain proper nourishment and to have a properly functioning body. But by consuming the wrong kind of fat, the reverse can happen. Eating severely-treated fat will cause cellular function that damaged your body, and your body leads to more long-term health condition.

The top 5 fatty foods you have to avoid are:

1) Food containing trans fats – Trans fatty acids are also known as hydrogenated oils, but there is no doubt to make a list of the worst fatty foods. Trans fats are made from oil undergoing hydrogenation process. As oil undergoes hydrogenation, they are heated to high temperatures, chemically altered and cause cancer. Trans fatty acids go through the process of bleaching and deodorization and become really unhealthy for the body to consume.

Trans fatty acids are associated with many diseases such as obesity, heart disease, cancer, diabetes and so on. Trans fatty acids may damage the body even if consumed in small amounts.

Unfortunately, hydrogenated oils are practically everywhere because they are cheap and convenient for food manufacturers to make large amounts of processed food. If you are trying to lose weight or want to eat healthy food for your body, read all the labels you purchased away from those containing hydrogenated oil or partially hydrogenated oil please.

2) Whole Milk – Homogenize the whole milk found in the grocery store and pasteurize it. This treatment removes milk from the majority of natural vitamins and minerals and returns nutrients after processing. With this process, milk has extremely high fat content and causes damage to the body. On the other hand, raw milk, or still milk in its natural state, is beneficial to consume. Omega 3 fatty acids are considerably contained in raw milk, otherwise known as good fat, not pasteurized or homogenized

3) processed meat – processed meat is fat and Sodium is extremely expensive and a major contributor of extra body fat. The processed meat contains many chemical additives such as sodium nitrate and edible coloring. Once again, for processing, many unhealthy characteristics are added to the meat and it is harmful to the body. Eating processed meat will reconnect to chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes, obesity, heart disease.

Healthy replacement of processed meat, That Is Fried – This category is common to many foods available in fast food stores. The worst thing you can do is to eat fried with hydrogenated oil. French fries are high in saturated fat and minimal nutritional value.

5) Sweets & dessert foods – Sour sweets containing sophisticated flowers and sugar will cause you to store extra energy as fat in your body. Sweets such as pastries, donuts, and ice creams have high saturated fats and carbohydrates, with minimal nutritional value. Many dessert items are made and processed with hydrogenated oil containing dangerous trans fat. If you have to spoil your favorite dessert, please allow some time for the cause of sweat damage to be added to your body quickly.

Next time when going to grocery shopping or going out, about the food you are putting in your body. It is very harmful to your health and can lead to many health problems in the future.

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