Five barriers of fitness over the age of 40 – Get your grooves!


How to make a skilled woman? time. Like a good wine, she is complicated. There are lots of surprises. Lifetime experience taught her that she was not chronologically defined. If you are a skilled woman, your health is your most valuable asset. You know that the best gift you can give the world is you, physical, mental and emotionally healthy.

However, if you are over 40, especially over 45, you noticed that keeping fit and health is not the same game in your 20s and 30s. 30th. Maybe you can not lose weight easily as before. The same result can not be obtained with the same training. All women over the age of 40 are feeling frustrated when they earn income of several pounds. A busy lifestyle makes healthy eating habits and exercise even harder. We are not all the same, but all women have different needs and problems about their health – every woman has to practice and incorporate healthy eating habits. I have identified five of the biggest barriers to fitting the body even after 40 years of age. I want you to eat, exercise and challenge your beliefs about your viewpoint. We will learn individual "factory settings" and methods to fit natural and intuitively and stay healthy. The fit is not that I feel bad. It is strong feeling.

And have fun – Do not emphasize every fork of food or emphasize every minute on a treadmill. Remember, you will believe! That you are a beautiful, seasoned woman – it is spice to cook!

Barrier 1: Cookie Cutter Syndrome

Your body has specific factory settings specific to you. What you might know is that you want to take you to the best weight for you (you are not Jessica Alba or Angelina Jolie) unless you are fighting it . You must meet with you again, quit cookie cutter diet, and stop exercise program not dealing with your special needs! Yes, it may be difficult to reduce or maintain weight in the 40s and 50s, but understanding how the individual's body functions will make it easier to obtain the results faster I can.

You look great and you feel better. Please take off your clothes and see the inside of the mirror. Like an lobster who throws out old shells and raises new seashells throughout their lifetime, you abandon the old image of your body and have the power to embrace yourself. Start paying attention to your body. Please follow that wisdom. You are overweight or you will not have a permanent meal. When you accept the body you were born you can return to your unique normal weight, which nature intended. I strongly oppose it, infinite pressure is thin. That is a big part of the problem. Data from several treatment centers shows a sustained increase in eating disorders in women over the age of 40 years. We are all different. Some bodies are intended to be soft and winding. Others have a sharp angle naturally. It is the beauty of diversity. By accepting and loving the unique beauty of your body, you will be free, confident and powerful!

Barrier 2: Reduce Metabolism

Nutrition is essential for metabolism. Everyone is familiar with the word "metabolism", but many people do not know what that means. You probably know those who eat what they want and who can not gain weight. If you believe, I believe some people were born with robust metabolism. That's a myth!

The truth is not your victim of metabolism – you are the metabolic creators . There is no mystery. Food is simply energy. The body needs energy to function. Foods in the form of proteins, carbohydrates and fat are the main sources of energy (calories). If you take more energy than you need from one of these, your body will save it as fat. So all fat losses are related to energy balance. Simple, is not it? You need to eat smarter. By minimizing the amount of energy required to supply calories to the nervous system, the body thinks it is hungry. When this happens, your body not only burns muscles for fuel, while doing so, your body is actually slowing down your metabolism.

Metabolism decreases when muscle is lost. Lose the idea: "To reduce the amount to eat and lose weight" By limiting your calories, slower metabolism is guaranteed. Healthy food acts urging the body to frequently handle support meals guarantee faster metabolism. Faster metabolism means your body becomes a fat burning machine.

Barrier 3: Diet addiction diet does not function.

The health and fitness industry is based on the fact that you do not know this or do not believe it. But, if you tried to lose weight in the past with what kind of fashionable meal, you put back your weight …

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