Fitness for Kids – Top 10 Tips


1) Learn new sports

Since the status and consciousness of sports such as golf and tennis are increasing, please involve children in new sports. In addition to increasing activity and creating sparks of interest, sports always increases children's coordination, patterns of movement and builds trust with peers. Sports such as golf, tennis, basketball, badminton and martial arts are very good at keeping them interesting and you will find champions who are enthusiastic about every child! Children are a wonderful dreamer!

2) Set a good case

If you want to activate your child, you must activate yourself! For example, park your car from the entrance of the supermarket, use the stairs instead of the escalator, pick up the children early and take a walk before you go to work. Squat, or jump jack.

3) head to the park

Park is the best solution for your children to play and enjoy with friends. Exercises of loaded bearings like running and jumping helped to keep strong bones and muscles and to improve motor control and coordination skills.

4) Kids · Fitness · Boot · Camp

Kids · Boot · Camp is a completely new fitness experience, children can exercise in a fun and effective gym environment operated by fitness · pro. Children travel safely using only weight, exercise tube, band, medicine balls and learn how to challenge themselves. It is created and executed by experts at Fitcorp Asia (

5) Domestic affairs

Giving some responsibility around the house during a school break, such as walking, cleaning, spraying, etc., of a dog. This not only fosters a sense of responsibility but also helps build a strong connection with your children.

6) Family Fitness!

Please involve the entire family at weekend activities. I do catch, tag around the backyard and the park. Let's enjoy exercising and make something to enjoy. If you show that you enjoy exercising, they will.

7) Fun Parks

In addition to having great time for all rides, one day in a fun park like Dream World needs to walk continuously from ride time to ride time. It reminds me of memories and it is wonderful for the whole family.

8) Listen and you will receive

In many cases, the interests from schools and friends are rising for your children what they want to do. As you ask, you will be surprised.

9) Fun activities at home

Set up a crab football, tag, jump rope, hide rope, seek, or a circuit that your children and friends can enjoy. Running the stairs, bouncing Hora Hope, Hope Scotch, Skate, Jack, Balanced Drill, Frog Jump, Arm Circle, Skip Rope will be fun and effective training!

10) Set up a reward system

Create a point system for exercise to encourage your children to exercise periodically. Please use a reward such as a trip to a movie, a ticket to a sports event, a new sporting goods such as a jump rope, a roller blade, an exercise tube. Please do not use food as a reward.

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