Fighting childhood obesity


Considering our child's health and what is going on, I want to cry literally. During such a young age children across the United States are diagnosed with diabetes and obesity. In your late year, you will suffer from various diseases and diseases due to poor health habits, but today will be your ten and teen years. I really love to get back to the way things are used. If born at age 70 or older, you can go to school, ride a bicycle, play in the pool, play stick balls.

Without eating and sleeping time, we did not want to see inside the house. Besides that, I'd like to try out the toys I received at Christmas, by playing the latest games we made or teaching from friends. It is not so today. Children go to school, take a school bus, go home and play video games, eat a large part of the food. Instead of eating peanut butter sandwiches containing fruit for snacks, children eat food equivalent to perfect means due to the increase in the size of the part. Who is responsible? Many people blame you for yourself that your child is overweight and that your parents must change their eating habits and lifestyles to change it .

Other people say that it is a big fast-food company that advertises that it should be programmed to eat ice cream, candy or eat super deluxe double deck burger. Well, I am working on this situation in my own way. I believe childhood obesity is a drawback that children can have options. It is ours as a parent, school, society. When we got young, most of us could not ask for what we want to eat. Mom just cooks and eats If we did not like it (vegetables), we had to stay on the table until we did. We were encouraged to play outside when the street lights were lit and to do different sports. Finally, we had Jim 's classes at least twice a week to keep the move. I believe consistently that we can fight against infantile obesity by returning that day so that our children can live a long healthy life. So how can you fight? There are several things you can do now to fight childhood obesity:

1. Make your child take a balanced breakfast – I know that it is difficult to give your children breakfast every morning. Confirm whether they are carrying to school, breakfast bar filled with whole cereals and fruits.

2. Allowing children to play outside while eating dinner – Turn off the TV while the child is preparing things at home when they go home at school or weekend Then, ride a bicycle. If you are well prepared for the day, please play games including exercise and activities with your children.

3. Walk after dinner – After having dinner, please take a walk of the family. This is the best way for you and your child to connect.

4. Do not eat more to cook – Please check if you can plan a meal for one week and accurately grasp the contents of the dinner menu. Please let them know about what your children have in the menu and what they have through the week. This will help you plan a balanced menu that will make them slim and have more energy.

5. Let's see your excitement – We all know that the kids do what they are watching and not doing what they have heard. To win the battle against child's obesity, your child is watching all your movements. Let's see how excited you are about being healthy and active.

The battle against childhood obesity intends to make much effort on all parts of us. We can save our children's lives by not only activating their lives, but also by showing that healthy meals are new cool as an example for them.

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