Fighting childhood obesity with healthy food: fruits and vegetables are important!


I want you to imagine 25 25-year-old students. Studying the class, you can see that there are children such as future designers, editors, lawyers and so on. Now, in the United States, more than 17 students are participating in such a classroom nationwide, and it is in the early stage of concluding a treaty.

That is a shocking statement. know. However, it was discovered by the Bogalusa Heart Study. Seventy percent of the surveyed children began to harden the artery by the age of twelve. Can not you say? Unfortunately that is not the case, but what about the future for children who have such a miserable illness when they were young?

As an educator, some students carry drinks such as sugar, candies, muffins and the like from vending machines and take everything that does not require nutrition. In short, nutritional deficiencies are spreading in the diet of children in this country.

As an adult, we have to take action and there are many children, so we have to find a way to reverse the way of dead end. I just want to tell you how difficult it is to change the patterns I learned earlier in your life. Reflecting this, according to the International Journal of Obesity, today it is said that not only four children are obese, but 50% will become adults of obesity.

How do we turn this as our children get older and live a healthy and productive life? Well, that's easy. As our children grow up they need nutrition to benefit them. Hey, the government has realized that. After donating billions of dollars to cure various diseases, the government learned that it is much easier to prevent illness than cure disease. This is why the US Department of Agriculture has launched the "Choose my table" campaign asking Americans to eat half of the plates filled with fruits and vegetables.

That's right. understood. As adults, we know that we are supposed to make a healthy choice, but we have not adhered to our advice yet. So, we teach children the nutrition and knowledgeable decision, but what if we do not do that? What happens when you are not looking at eating foodstuffs in vending machines or going into a fast food store?

Is not it wonderful that you know that your child is receiving fruits and vegetables in eating habits every day? Can not you know that you do not have to fight with them about the food that will help you grow stronger and become a good figure?

Well, there is not so much.

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