Female weight gain – Quick introduction of weight gain for skinny women


Women need advice different from men to gain weight.

As you all know, men and women are different! Advice for women to gain weight should be different from advice given to men. While most men focus on building defined muscles to lift heavy weights and gain weight, women desire a more soft appearance that comes from healthy fat storage in more important places there is. This look does not require gymnastics, but there is a possibility that the muscle may increase slightly from the exercise.

Timeline of weight gain

In my opinion, slow changes are the best change in many other people. Although it is possible to increase weight immediately, I believe this is not a healthy choice. If you stop in the area of ​​weight gain, you may lose your health quickly.

Your goal is to ensure consistent and stable pace of change. Consistency is important here. This does not mean that you can not expect to see the results for several months after starting weight gain time and you should not expect a dramatic weight gain in the next 1 or 2 weeks .

Reasons for lack of weight

There are many reasons for weight loss. Personally, I lost weight and grew up and all my life. That is the same way as I do. This lasted 29 years before I decided to change it.

Some people have physical disorders and eating disorders that encouraged them to start a weight gain program.

Finally, there may be some people trying to increase their weight after losing weight quickly for various reasons. For example, campers and adventurers who had inappropriate dietary habits for several weeks or months at the end.

Today there are the top six tips to increase your weight:

1. Eat high calorie food.

This may seem like advising others to be tired of, but avoid low-fat, low-fat, or non-fat things. Simple changes like choosing avocado instead of cucumber will all join and will increase weight as a result. For health reasons, please select mainly vegetable oil (olive oil, vegetable oil, nuts), not animal fats (butter, cream).

2. Eat healthy meals at least three times each day.

I will say this. Skipping meals increases the likelihood of eating unhealthy foods and gives benefits that are not healthy. Skipping meals reduces calories burned. And we all know, the heart of getting weight – eating more calories!

3. Eat more at each meal.

It only takes a lot more than usual. Bigger part = more calories.

4. Eat (healthy) snacks between meals.

Healthy snacks such as granola bars, crackers and pretzels are easy to eat with running. Consider preparing small containers to take snacks throughout the day.

5. Drink plenty of juice and milk throughout the day.

This is an easy way to add calories without feeling full. It is quick and easy to drink extra calories and drink simple shakes and milk.

6. Exercise (to help build muscles).

Physical activity prevents high calorie diet from changing extra calories into body fat. The muscle formed from advertisement of physical activity becomes the weight of the part where weight is necessary. Exercise also increases the level of human growth hormone that is beneficial only for weight gain.

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