Facts About Kid’s Health – Causes and Prevention of Zits (Acne)


Facts About Kid’s Health

When growing up in your clothes, life seems unmatched. You are old, this is the stage of experiencing too zits! Other people, why do not you have zite?

What is the cause of Zits? ?

Mainly adolescents, among other things. This is when your body starts to change from childhood to adolescence. Inheritance, genes are inherited from parents. If your parents are suffering from acne at your age, perhaps you too.

What happens? ?

There is a gland under the skin, it is a safe oil that keeps the skin healthy. In adolescence, these glands work hard to secure more oil. These oils have small holes in your skin. Bacteria sometimes penetrate into these pores, making the oil thicker and closing the pores.

What can be done to avoid acne ?

Please wash your skin every morning with water or detergent. Too rarely wash, you can dry your skin and make your skin look thin, red and itchy. Your hair is beautiful, please protect your hair from your face. Pathogens of your fingers can make them worse, please do not touch acne. Please expose your face to some fresh air and sunlight (remember sunscreen and hat). We recommend alcohol-based acne products instead of creams that may make things worse.

What can be used to clean acne? ?

Although effective acne treatments and lots of acne products are around chemists and supermarkets, you are advised to consult with chemists before using them to treat acne. Use astringent or alcohol based detergents twice a day. Acne lotion can also be used. Results can be seen in a few weeks. Lotion can stop zit from coming, but can not stop growing. You have much more fun things in your life than worrying more. Colored acne products can help you get into the routine!

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