Explode the myth about the cause of breast cancer


Breast cancer begins when breast cells become uncontrollable and form tumors. Having knowledge related to the main cause of the condition is the only way that you can prevent yourself becoming a victim. Because of the lack of knowledge about this disease, there are already many myths in the minds of people. And since we know that half knowledge is more dangerous than perfect truth it is important to destroy as soon as possible.

Deodorant, antiperspirant, shaving may cause breast cancer : You will be surprised to know that it is just a story of an old wife. . Yes, even when using deodorant or other cosmetics, symptoms do not appear, so myth explodes soon and can be used without worrying.

Breast Implant Email fraud that someone should not believe. Yes, there is no proven evidence of increased risk of getting sick or the possibility of causing a medical condition.

Wired Under Wired Bras : There is no connection between types, whether you believe or not. Of bra and breast cancer you wear And what you need to hear under the wire bra is not just the misunderstanding that you need to destroy quickly.

Contact with persons whose conditions have already been established : Just because your friends and family meet the requirements, you can find a perfect fit for each type of body I will. It is a folk tale that only increases the opportunity to get it. Because breast cancer is not contagious, it is safe and does not need to be far from suffering people.

These are some myths that need to escape before time flies. It prevents you from living a normal healthy life. So, you should blow them out of your dilemma and live in the face of reality. If you discover unusual things in your body, especially in your chest, please consult your doctor not to dig into rumors.

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