Expel sugar from your diet!


In the United States, an estimated 29.1 million people have diabetes and an astonishing 86 million are pre-diabetic (on the verge of true diabetes). These figures increase every year. Reports indicate that the average American consumes 156 pounds of sugar each year, which equals 31 bags of 5 pounds. Nearly 66 pounds come in the form of added sugars. Dr. Ian says that these numbers are divided into: ¾ cup of sugar per day, 3 pounds of sugar per week and 13 pounds of sugar per month.

Dr. Ian says that his grandmother was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes when he was a first-year medical student. This was a blow to her whole family because she had been healthy all her life. Everyone looked at Dr. Ian because he was supposed to be his family's medical expert. "I knew almost nothing about diabetes," says Dr. Ian. Then he searched and digested all the information about diabetes and what could be done to make a difference. The more I investigated, the more I discovered that diabetes was not the death sentence that many of us believe it is. "It was controllable through lifestyle behaviors, as well as adequate medical therapy if necessary," says Dr. Ian. Her grandmother made dietary changes by making better eating decisions, losing weight and exercising. Soon she was able to reduce her medications by half! "It was my first experience understanding how people should treat diabetes in a non-medical way," he says. "It stayed with me"

Dr. Ian says that a constant march of weeks, months and years of excess sugar will affect even the most chiseled and athletic body. Numerous studies show that a high consumption of added sugar is related to an increase in body fat and, finally, obesity. Sugar is a form of energy, so when you consume more than your body needs or uses, the extra energy is stored as fat. Too much sugar can also compromise the immune system and high levels of consumption can damage the pancreas and its …

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