Eleven things that pull your heart away from food


Are you thinking about food all day? Here I will show you some tips to help food needs and ultimately reduce your weight.

1. Use activities instead of eating. Go to a spa or health club. Please clean your house, turn on some music and dance around the house. Walk, run, swim, ride a bicycle, or just move for 20-30 minutes.

2. Wait ten minutes when you have a desire and let's do something to divert you from the urge to eat. Look at the pictures, try organizing scrapbooks, trying out new hairstyles, trying out new eye shadow colors, and taking away yourself from food.

3. If you have your own pictures, take them out when they are thin, watch them, hang them in the fridge and see your own way now. Please imagine it looks the same as a photo and feels energy even though your weight is low.

4. Meditation – Sit on a comfortable chair and close your eyes. Please let us relax each part of your body from your feet to the top of your head. I am a thin and healthy person. I have a lot of energy to do all the things I need to do. Repeat this for 5 to 15 minutes. Please do this over and over again to keep foods what you want.

5. Keep away those cravings. Please lift your arms over your head, shake your fingers, chew gums, step on your feet, or play like a symphony. After a few minutes you may actually forget that you may not forget nutrition but may forget your desire, but you will burn extra calories.

6. Please go out dancing and dance as many dances as possible. Please order glass of water or seasoned water to keep you moisture. Please do not hold any high calorie drink. Dance burns 400 calories per hour so please do not think about food.

7. If you need something for home or office, please walk to the store instead of driving. Please enjoy your children and friends.

8. I love watching television at night, can not you do without snacks? Grasp the tip of the needle and knit a knit or knit. Your hands are busy with snacks and you can make precious gifts for your friends and family.

9. Let's take a nature walk by grasping your child. Make a list of what children can find. That is, five kinds of leaves, rocks, four leaf clovers, a garbage box that needs to be picked up (please tell me how to keep the earth clean), or what you can think of. This will not only hinder you eating, you will spend quality time with your children.

10. Relax – Stress can lead to overeating. If you feel stressed by yourself, please learn how to relax. Just learning to relax can ease craving.

11. Let's do yoga to keep in touch with myself. Yoga is relaxing and it helps burn calories. Simple yoga stretching helps stop eating your mind.

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