Eating Yourself Miserable? 5 Food Traps That Could Be Wrecking Your Mood


One of the most common reactions that calms us up is to reach something to eat. According to our survey, when feeling, being stressed, or angry, up to 75% of people showed instinctively comfortable food.

However, eating (drinking) may make us worse.

Discover the most common five food traps that could destroy your mood.

Trap 1: Sugar
I think it is quite hard wire to get sweet things when we feel sick because it is very instinctive. Carbohydrates and refined sugar will give us a short boost, but lower blood glucose levels obtained thereafter may lead to changes in mood or child's troubles.

What you can do instead
college researchers show that sweet food, especially late night madness craving is actually a craving for water.

Protein-based snacks may be more useful for balancing blood sugar. You can try it first.

Trap 2: Caffeine
I drink coffee, tea and cola. Caffeine is a stimulant that puts us in "fighting or flight" mode, making it sharp and annoying. If you already have stress or anger, it is necessary at the end.

Is there anything I can do for it?
To hydrate the system and instantaneously increase the energy, cold water glass can make a difference. If you feel nervous and irritable, you may like chamomile tea. And of course, there is breathing – take three deep breaths and breathe in my nose. Please fill your lungs from above your stomach and breathe through your mouth. I can do it!

Trap 3: Sweetener & Additives
I think that you are doing the right thing by choosing low fat, low fat options, but you have to do something To replace the taste and texture you gained from sugar and fat. Unfortunately, this is often in the form of sweeteners and chemical additives. Yes, various food agencies have approved their use, but there is growing evidence of research that may affect your mood.

One of the main artificial sweeteners is currently associated with mood swings and depression. I know for years how infamous 'e-number' causes children's behavior problems.

Is there anything I can do for it?
Please check the label of the supermarket. As a rule of thumb, if you have ingredients on lists you do not cook at home, think twice before putting it in your basket.

Trap 4: Alcohol
At the end of a hard day I prepared many times, "Can I truly do it? A cup of wine and beer?"

And alcohol There is a moderate amount of research showing that there are health benefits among drinks.

However, the alcohol itself is a body toxin. It is also a depression medicine that suppresses brain activity and dehydrates the body. If you want to be happier, a hard drink is probably not the best place to start.

Is there anything I can do for it?
Drink water during alcoholic drinks. And it may be worth being honest in the mirror to see where the problem you may need to deal with is.

Trap 5: Wheat & Dairy Products
Wheat and dairy products will go well in a reasonable manner. However, if you have food intolerance, you may have obesity and serious side effects also lower your mood. So, if it is common to get comfortable foods based on wheat or dairy, it may be worth noticing the subsequent feelings.

Is there anything I can do for it?
Make sure you do not have hypoglycemia (see advice on trap 1). If you think that it might be boring, how about awaking your body for 5 minutes, doing a quick dance and a short walk?

How do you know about sticking to a food trap?
Please keep the diary "Please do not eat" for two weeks. Just write down everything you eat and drink (not a fraud!) And please write down your mood next to it every few hours. Even after a week, you should be able to find a clear trend.

If you want to be happier, it helps you to understand what you eat.

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