Eating Right is Just As Important As Exercise


The reason most of us exercise is to tone up, trim down, and maintain health. What most people can not understand is that what you eat is more important than the length of the movement. You have to maintain a balanced diet to gain a lot of energy all day. The most important meal is the meal after completing the workout session.

It does not matter whether the exercise becomes weight loss training or cardiovascular. Always balance carbohydrates and proteins. The difference between the percentage of carbohydrates and the percentage of proteins is determined by how hard the exercise is, or whether it is targeted for cardiac training or strength training.

The best time to eat your exercise meal is 1 hour in front. If you plan to exercise at a low intensity level, I would like to keep the caloric intake to 300 calories or less. If you are planning high-intensity training, I would like to take in about 1,000 calories. Please do not eat too much as you feel lazy or wasting your time.

If you are targeting the cardioide of exercise, you need to plan to have two meals three meals three meals and one meal. Carbohydrates give you the endurance you need and make sure your muscles are not destroyed. On the other hand, when doing weight training, I'd like to invert the scale. One third of the carbohydrates and two-thirds of the protein are needed. By doing this, you can protect your muscles while ensuring sufficient energy to raise your weight.

The meal to eat after the exercise regiment is the most important meal you eat. When you move your body, the glycogen level in the body is gone, you can eat properly to bring the body back to its original condition. This is cruel as the brain and the central nervous system use glycogen as the main fuel source.

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