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Is it easy to follow a healthy and nutritious meal guide? Well the USDA just announced their latest guide of healthy meals. ChooseMyPlate is the latest picture that we all eat for each meal. This is simple and easy to follow.

• Please fill half of your plate with fruits and vegetables.
Fill one quarter of the plate with cereal (preferably whole grain)
• Fill one quarter of the plate with protein (preferably lean protein or bean / tofu, tofu)
Dairy – Low fat milk, yoghurt or cheese is served.

That is basically it! For most Americans, this is a big change in diet. Many of us rely heavily on fast food meals, quick meals in microwave pockets, fresh fruits and vegetables, and little processed foods with few dairy products. By following this new dietary guideline, you can be confident that your diet is healthier and more nutritious.

USDA offers several other guidelines to eat.

Increase food:

• Make half of the plate fruits and vegetables.
• Make at least half of your grain the whole grain.
• Switch to milk with no fat or low fat (1%).

To reduce food:

• Compare sodium in foods like soup, bread, frozen food and choose fewer foods.
• Drink water instead of sweet drinks.

So where is the food pyramid of the US Department of Agriculture? RIP food pyramid. There are no longer many erroneous food pyramids. The response to the death of the food pyramid and this new brief introduction following a painting and healthy meal was very favorable. What must other people say about the loss of MyPyramid? According to Cornell University nutritionist Jennifer Wilkins,

"MyPyramid was not well understood by the general public and had no effect as a symbol of a healthy diet (Albany Times Union, 5 June 2011)

New York Times The editorial department (June 3, 2011) pointed out that the food pyramid became more abstract and difficult to understand.

Why is the new food plate? USDA is a new eating habits guideline 2010 We announced in January that this new ChooseMyPlate reflects the latest nutritional recommendation of eating more fruits and vegetables, fewer processed foods, less sugar, We are also focusing on efforts to reduce obesity, especially childhood obesity.This is the latest we are all working to eat healthy and nutritious meals.

Healthy meals Then, the new MyPlate Guy Please follow the line.

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