Eating habits – Do you want the comfort of food?


Sometimes, we will eat for the right reason. The first example comes to mind when we get hungry. It's as easy as it sounds, but you may be surprised at how often people eat when you feel hungry when you are hungry instead.

Because there is a tendency to make mistakes naturally, there are times when I mistake to eat. Extreme craving is worthy of attention. More importantly, the most worrisome moment is when you eat bored or bad. When we seek comfort with food. Because we were all there, you are not alone. But, if you are still doing this yet, it is time to make some changes.

Emotional meals are not healthy. It is dangerous. As you begin, you begin to lose control. As expected, people who eat for emotional reasons also tend to cause health problems.

If you seek comfort on food, it is time to stop Type 2 diabetes and obesity are two common outcomes of emotional feeding. In order to be fair you have the opportunity to do this unconsciously. Please reflect your eating habits and where your health is now. You can acknowledge something about the former and there is a good opportunity that you are seeking comfort by eating to some extent whatever your health concerns. To stop this behavior, you need to realize that food is not primarily a source of pleasure. Eating is pleasing, but especially when you are hungry you have to eat diet to provide the body with what you need to function. Of course, you can eat for pleasure. You do not have to forget your favorite food. But you have to stop eating unlimitedly and learn to calm your part.

In addition, since food works as a source of relief, many people eat for emotional reasons .

Are you emphasizing? Please relax with a good novel in front of the bed. Feel the burden? Please exercise it and follow up with your training with a satisfying but sensible meal.

Please do not eat when you are not hungry. A good test about this is to ask yourself if you can eat apples when you think about food. If the answer is "no", or if you prefer something else, you are just looking for an emotional reward, whether there is not enough hunger.

Finally, it helps to drink water every time you think about eating. Chronic thirst can guide you to eat comfortably when you have to hydrate yourself.

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