Eating disorders during holidays dealing with loved ones


For most people, the holiday season is a wonderful year. When families, friends, colleagues gather together and share a good will and good food, it is often time to celebrate family reunion, socializing and celebrating. The season is bright, happy, filled with the best relationship. However, for those suffering from eating disorders, this is often the worst of this year. For people trapped in private hell of anorexia, bulimia, bulimia, holidays often expand personal fight and cause great internal pain and confusion for them.

In the center of change, for years we have shared something like a holiday from my personal experience during the years injured with eating disorders. The age of women quoted in this article is different, but they suffered from disease for many years. When you read the next pass, you will feel the pain of suffering of eating disorders at this year's celebration.

"Unlike other normal teenagers, I always hated it when such an evil child ceased to exist in a happy environment.I love food, people, celebration A 19 – year – old woman

"The holiday season is always the most difficult thing, but I have a hard time spending my vacation. Years to deal with my eating disorders. My family holiday tends to focus around the food. The combination of anxiety around the family and focusing on food tends to be a major cause of easy eating into my eating disorder behavior. I need to rely on external support to do my best for holiday stress. "- 21-year-old woman

" Over the past few years, during Thanksgiving and Christmas Holiday season I felt horrible. I was confined and felt as if the food was going out to get me. holiday. I felt a terrible feeling about my body, so that someone did not want to see me eat from the fear I judged about myself. "- a 10 – year – old woman

These quotes from women suffering from anorexia, bulimia, overeating are indicative of the emotional strength felt during the holiday season, increasing their weight

for the holidays Hunger – Anorexia story

People suffering from anorexia are hard for those who eat food.They feel that they can earn profits instantaneously, but in reality It is said that there is only sight and smell of food There is always fear in the heart that there are many fats and the fat will increase Increase fear by just thinking about food Fierce confusion and pain, Eating lots is a proof that they are weak, uncontrollable and unprotected.Men and women with poor appetite often eat food and eat A client is frightening to show to people while being afraid that a client felt that all eyes are on her at a gathering of holidays Many sufferings of anorexia have stopped moving due to fear of food

"My life of eating disorders during holidays is a living hell – I am confusing every moment surrounded by food with life and confusion. A 22-year-old woman

"It's hard to be around all food and festival, part of" ordinary "food is inside and it's hard to work When I need help, emotional understanding, support of family and other people. "Treat carefully but please handle" I will return it to the family "- a 30-year-old woman

The importance of these quotes from clients in the treatment of anorexia is It is an honest manifestation of. Their internal pain and pain are often hidden from the surrounding people by the continuous saying that they are "fat" and may also be hidden in the patterns of evasion and withdrawal from social engagement

Hidden animal of binge eating – Eating of Bingers with food Binge eating

At the other end of the spectrum of eating disorder, severe bulimia or bulimia women, the holiday is genuine nightmare I know that there is a particular emphasis on the food they are familiar with. Binge's feeding and its accompanying purging become even …

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