Eating disorders consciousness – February 2011 – meaning of numbers


Usually, reading articles on anorexia and bulimia is quite depressive. I'm worried about how many people are affected, how many people have not reported, how many new cases are, and the weight of the girl (and boys as well).

This article will be a little different.

The above image covers most of the epidemic in the eating disorder area. Too many people are completely about ED in the dark. Over the past two decades, the information volume and awareness of ED has been improved to the point that most people in Western countries heard about anorexia and bulimia (and their adoptors, Binge Eating and Excessive Exercise)

In many cases ED articles focus on these figures. Those in the image.

I feel that there are too few articles, movies, Facebook pages that focus on relief and optimism.

The reality of ED is that someone is the most enthusiastic believer in society. They see the things the Western civilization sees as "perfect" and strive to satisfy that requirement. Sometimes they are very successful and are killing themselves to meet the perfect requirements.

This movie admits these people in a way different from other movies. I will investigate why many young people are suffering from eating disorders, but finding ways of recovery is far beyond it.

As this movie loves the way to love people they are now targeting people suffering. Some people are alone, they do not support or treat. Some people believe they are able to meet the expectations of society.

I think that it is not necessary to utilize the media to make perfect models randomly.

February, I am eating disability enlightenment month in all of North America and the UK. During the month, our goal is to display No Numbers – Identity Beyond Measure in as many places as possible.

Organizations, schools, or groups who wish to purchase copies of the movie will be able to judge it and keep entrance Assist in the aid of people in my community. Listening to us is to contact you to advertise the organization and help to voice people in your community.


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