Eating Disorders: Anorexia Has Made Our Family Topsy Turvy


All families with anorexic children must concentrate on all efforts to help the daughter eat more. The schedule will be ignored, the meeting will be postponed, the date will be canceled and the vacation will all be changed to help your anorexic girl.

I will make every effort to fight anorexia. You are her role model, it must start inside you. You are sacrificing for my daughter to eat more. Everything must be considered for your child fighting the battle losing on its own. She will not go without you.

As a parent, we need to encourage not only being concerned about anorexic daughter, but also that the whole family is part of healing. Do not forget them that the battle to overcome anorexia is a group effort. Everyone is important in their own special way.

Brainstorm the ideas and suggestions on how the family will spend time and how to create activities and schedules. Depending on the condition of your daughter, look for time to talk about family worries and feelings to individual families.

Involving the whole family in the process of decision making is likely to participate in the resolution of daughter's anorexia. Finally, do not forget that you play an important role in this process. Please let me know that you feel tired for a while. It is normal to happen.

It is common for anger to get tired of what an appetite has made to your family. Please support each other as much as you can. Your daughter needs to cheer all her help with her and all she can get.

So remember that your efforts will not be in vain if your daughter gets tired of eating a drink at once. The time will come when you appreciate that your child has rescued her and changed her life.

I can not believe that I will not recover from an eating disorder and start eating more every day. This is because you will never give up on her.

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