Eating Diet Food Makes You Fat


You decided to eat more carefully and loose

You go to a supermarket and go to a low-fat diet, a diet drink, a sugarless snack and fill the trolley.
If you think that purchasing all of these products will benefit you
please think again.

According to a new study, choosing the "skinny" option, you are likely to get thicker

The idea of ​​this healthy food is not very healthy in the long run.
Choosing the skinny option will increase the chances of consuming more sugar and salt

Also, you feel more hungry.

Scientists at Purdue University, Indiana, want Artificial Diet Beverage Artificial Sweetener to eat more.
What these artificial sweeteners do is to send signals to our brain and expect calories

When more calories do not reach, we have an urge to eat more and supplement

I checked their discoveries themselves and decided to see if these so – called
healthy diet options are healthy.

In the first week, I chose a food that enjoyed the benefits of slimming or health

I ate the cost necessary to get a feeling of fullness.
In the second week, I kept GI style meal plan.
Once again, I ate the amount I needed to satisfy satiety. I increased my weight around
every week.
You think you will lose weight by eating a special diet food.

Here is the result for the first week.
Diet food sentence

A few days later, I felt I was hungry. I began to feel that
became enlarged. I was definitely feeling as bad as the second week and I got tired of food
. As I started watching the label,
some foods were low fat, they were still very calorie salt
and very high in sugar, but surprised. By the end of week one I was putting 3 pounds.

Here are the results for the past two weeks.
The verdict of the meal plan of GI

I felt that she always was full, though I thought that preparations for food would be painful
It was easy. My energy level rose and I went outside the bed in the morning
. I was able to concentrate more intensively and was more careful.
At the end of the second week, I lost six pounds.

Final verdict

Reliance on diet foods, based on one's own experience,
time to stop being taken into big claim before meals
like packaging –
low fat
Reduced sugar
Instead of what you should see is a small print of nutrition label.
Look at the 5-point checklist that is easy to make mistakes.
Diet food traps can be avoided. This leads to weight gain
so-called healthy eating options.

1. Reduction of fat does not mean low fat or low calorie. It actually means that the food is 25% less fat than the original product
. In the case of foods like fatty taramasalata at first, a reduced fat version may be good, but fat and calories are still high.

2. Low fat does not mean low calories. Many low fat puddings, cakes and
biscuits use sugar to replace all removed fats. Always
Please check the small print calories per meal.

3. The range of meals ready for a healthy diet of supermarkets often comes in the size of the large
part. They may be low in fat and salt, but there are lots of calories (19459002).

4. Please note that you may grow yourself when you buy diet foods.
You have made a healthy diet choice, so you can make up for it by eating later

5. Many diet foods may have low calories, but there are still plenty of salt. If the salt is too much, the body will lift excess moisture
because it becomes 3 pounds, the bloated and wrist swollen, becoming the ankle of

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