Eating cherries in Texas has good things for you


Cherry. Sweet, tart and ah very good. Individuals in Dallas, Houston, Texas, Pi, Drink, Pit, Pit, Juice, Oral, Malachy Node, Chocolate cooked, Whipped cream on top, blended in a special sauce You can find them in. They are part of our ethnic folk that George Washington cuts cherry blossoms. Even cherry rats have proved in cherry that research allows you to add a sweet taste to your desserts and fruit gums. Researchers have recently discovered that cherries may support healthy cardiovascular and other individuals

According to a study by the University of Michigan, rats showed that powdered tart cherries I gave it. – Rats used for the study to reflect the current population, low total cholesterol,

to reflect current population, liver storage, low oxidative stress, and body fat and sugar Have been shown to increase the production of molecules useful for the treatment of bronchial asthma. It is the most healthy. These rats had predisposition to hypercholesterol and pre-diabetes, but not obese. When they reached 6 weeks of age they were given either a carbohydrate-rich diet or a diet containing 90% cherry.

Unhealthy rats receiving a 1% cherry diet at the end of the study showed significantly lower values ​​of total cholesterol, triglycerides, glucose and insulin levels. The same in rats was observed in 10% cherry diet It was also true for people of. They compared with rats who ingested the same level of carbohydrates, not from cherries

. Plasma TEAC, which is a test for antioxidant capacity in the blood, was also measured. Higher TEAC readings mean higher ability to neutralize harmful free radical molecules generated in the body during metabolism. Cherry rats were shown to have high antioxidant capacity and low oxidative stress in the body. Because accumulation of excess fat is common in metabolic syndrome, researchers measured not only the gene expression of PPAR (peroxisome proliferator activated receptor) in the liver but also the fat level in rat liver. We concluded that the correlation between cherry intake and significant changes in metabolic measurements suggests that anthocyanidin, a high concentration antioxidant, is positive (19659002) This is a tart cherry Included in. However, researchers concluded that it is not certain whether Cherry 's abundant diet would have a similar impact on humans. Small-scale clinical trials are planned

3 months later, cherry rats had significantly lower cholesterol levels than other groups who ate a normal diet.

Dr. Steven Bolling Dr. Steven Bolling says that this benefit comes from a small amount of cherries, only one cherry Percentage of animal meal. Mr. Bolling said the research team is now planning to start a human trial. The key to cherry's success is the natural compound anthocyanin, which prevents cholesterol from clogging the artery. Sour cream and tart cherries are especially rich in anthocyanins.

In other studies, cherry may relieve the pain of arthritic patients and may help to sleep by regulating the individual's natural circulation.

Cherry has been used for hundreds of years for cosmetic purposes cherry stone crushed during the 15th – 16th century to relieve chest pain and stomach problems. It was thought that once you ate the whole cherry, you could prevent kidney stones. And herbal teacher brewed cherry stems into tea to treat bronchitis.

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