Eating and Lifestyle Changes Amongst Children for Healthy Tomorrow


Healthy diet and some momentum are absolutely necessary for children's growth and health. If good habits are taught in the early development years, children will not become sick, will not become sick, grow as healthy adults. Today, many children do not receive adequate nutrition and exercise and as a result have many problems.

In the first place, they are not eating at the correct amount and sometimes the quality is bad. In other words, they are not eating the right food. Chip and Coke took over the menu of lunch and dinner. Children need various nutrients for their daily growth and development and protect nutrients from various diseases. Healthy diet also reduces the risk of caries, malnutrition, anemia, eating disorders and obesity. If it is healthy, children will demonstrate superior academic performance and the chances of dealing with better stress will increase.

Daily exercise helps to build strong muscles and bones, limit body fat and reduce the likelihood of obesity and diseases such as diabetes. Today, children do not tend to become physical exercise or illness. This phenomenon is more common in Metro and other Tier 1 cities.

Overweight may cause various social and psychological problems. Bullying and irritation from friends are particularly harmful for children. "We said that a young child called me and said I was very fat, because of obesity I need help while I go to the toilet without hugging my father. Dr. Kirti Soota,.

Except for the poor intake of healthy and healthy food and basic physical activity, long-term television viewing will recreate the physical activity and lead to child's obesity. When you watch TV, the behavior of snacks increases and the metabolism at rest is also reduced. Although the above observations are not uncommon, we do not change children's habits and customs yet. The question that arises is how you can change the habits of children and the diet of children.

Children often imitate parents and friends. It is the responsibility of the parents to explain the adverse effects of eating hamburgers, fried potatoes, colas and sugar confections at the same time as explaining the benefits of eating fruits, vegetables and grains to children. Everyone can not completely stop the children from eating these foods, but can gradually get rid of these food items. In addition, parents should guide by example and should avoid these things themselves. In order to certainly promote a healthy habit among children, you will definitely eat the dinner with your family and eat in front of the TV. Children must be encouraged not to mind specific food items. Night outdoor activities for children should be encouraged and viewing TV is restricted so that you can enjoy games such as cricket / soccer / hockey in nearby parks, not X-BOX or PlayStation games need to do it. School administrators should also be actively interested in promoting physical activity at all levels of the school. These effects can last for a lifetime, and children help to live better lives as well as adults as well as adults. These healthy adults will become a healthy disease-free society in the future.

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