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In 2010, Lisa saw a segment on the problems with the standard American diet on Oprah. "I thought the food we were eating was healthy," says Lisa. Once she saw the Oprah segment, Lisa knew she needed to make some serious changes as to what was feeding her family, but she had no idea where to start. "I literally lost sleep over what to feed my children if golden fish and fruit snacks were no longer options," says Lisa. At that time, their children were 3 and 5 years old. He took the family to different grocery stores and stood in the aisles asking: "What foods can we eat in this aisle?" After extensive research and experimentation, Lisa finally began to learn how to buy food and cook for her family. The changes were obvious and it was difficult for her to keep it alone. "I started filling up family and friends every time I had the opportunity, secretly wishing I could get on board with us," he says. Then, one night he had the idea: what if his family promised to spend 100 days in a row without eating any processed food? His hope was that his family experiment would draw attention to how dependent Americans had become on processed foods, it would show that a typical suburban family could survive and even thrive on real foods, and convince as many people as possible to join. they.

Lisa shared her family promise online with many recipes and real food tips. "Little did I know what would change life," says Lisa. Little by little his blog grew from 50 readers to millions around the world. In 2014 he released his first cookbook that quickly became a national sales success. "My desire to spread this important message came true," says Lisa.

Although most of its readers agreed that real and processed foods sounded great, many insinuated that it could not be done without breaking the bank. "So, of course, we had to prove that all those skeptics were wrong," says Lisa. She and her family assumed a second promise: a …

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