Eat and prevent heartburn


Some people are unrelated to the chest and injured heart and do not notice that it is caused by acid leaking from the stomach to the esophagus. The reason that many pregnant women suffer from heartburn is that the uterus pushes the stomach as the baby grows up. When this occurs, the gastrointestinal tract gets congested and acid returns over the esophagus. Older wife and story argue that babies with heartburn have more hair. This is a fun story to believe but there is no proof that it is the truth.

You can prevent heartburn during pregnancy. Eating slower is the first step. In doing so, you can enjoy more of your food and your stomach will have easy time to digest. You should also eat 2 hours after eating early in the morning before you go to bed at night to give your body time to digest your food.

Eating a small meal throughout the day also helps. Experts recommend eating six small meals. A big meal will fill your stomach. Your stomach is already crushed by your uterus. Completing the stomach like this increases the chances of stomach acid going on the esophagus.

Another hint to reduce heartburn is to separate liquid and solid consumption. Mixed food and liquid stomach disposal the stomach and exacerbate heartburn. Rather than sitting lying down, sitting and eating is equally useful. If you eat in bed, please support yourself with a pillow.

Your weight affects the possibility of experiencing heartburn. Heavy people have more pressure on the esophageal sphincter. A doctor may recommend weight gain during pregnancy, but please be careful not to exceed the specified amount.

Take the time to judge whether certain foods are contributing to your heartburn. If you find that a particular food is causing your heartburn, you should completely separate these foods from your meal. Many people report problems with spicy food, tomato sauce, soda, chocolate, citrus. Since any type of greasy food contributes to heartburn, removing greasy fried food from the meal is a long way to prevent heartburn.

Sometimes even the most conscientious dieters still experience heartburn. If this happens during pregnancy, Thun and Lowride are perfectly safe. If you do not mind taking medication during pregnancy, some natural methods will help. One such method is eating a handful of almonds, which is a gastric cleanser. A tablespoon of honey along with some milk is another favorite for heartburn prevention. As with most other pregnancy discomfort, heartburn is most often preventable if women take action to properly eat. Do not forget that your baby is still born with perfect hair, even if you are not suffering from uncomfortable heartburn!

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