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Is it important to bake or cook with children using a simple child's recipe? Yes, it takes time, frequently the tired part of the home school curriculum, but it is worth the effort and time. After several months of research, I discovered how important baking with your child is important. If you have a simple child's recipe, you will get a lot of stress from your mother. Some of the reasons we need to bake with our children is to build confidence and improve math and reading skills.

Children learn easily when they are using all senses. That is where the children really give back. How many lessons will you have where all of your senses are working? One of the advantages of home education is that you can teach children in the best way to children. Burning with children of different ages is beneficial in various ways.

o 3 to 6 years old, they are improving the adjustment. Pour liquid and learn not to let out. They gather ingredients in the mixing bowl and eat them. If you use simple child recipes, they can understand what you are doing and how it fits.

o There is a tactile used, the legs of the flour are soft and the legs of the sugar are firm

o The sense of that smell is used. The scents of milk, cinnamon, sugar, lemon, cocoa are all different, you can benefit from all of these with a simple kids recipe.

o I use the sense of their sound. The sound of the wooden spoon of a ceramic bowl is quite different from the metal spoon of the same ceramic bowl.

o Their taste is of course also used, and it tastes both raw and cooked things.

o The beginnings of mathematics are learned … If you cut 3 cups of sugar, butter into 2 equal halves, they are called half.

o When it is 7 to 10 years old, all sensations work with visual, auditory, olfactory, tactile, and taste.

There is the advantage of improving mathematics and reading comprehension. They can read easy child's recipes and ingredient labels. This is a simple child's recipe is a very important place. Children can read the recipe and it is necessary to avoid trouble in adult language. They are expanding with mathematical skills while measuring and measuring weights in half and quarter. Home schools are taking place in the kitchen using simple recipes for children.

Now all the most important reasons …. to build independence. Their trust increases as they do not need someone to make baked goods and they can do it on a simple child's recipe.

This is really important as we need to be able to make our own food to survive. It is the basic survival instinct for eating. I am confident that children will feel this essentially and meet the most basic needs individually.

So, we are going to bake together for the following reasons.

o To build self-esteem and self-faith

o Make your sense fully awaken

o Mathematical skill

o To improve reading skills

Enjoying each other Do not overlook the importance. The company is comfortable and not familiar to us. Taking our simple child's recipe, you can turn ordinary old baking into a fun home school learning experience.

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