Does sugar affect hyperactivity?


The other day she told Sheila that she was removing sugar from her son 's meal.

Many people claim to cause sugar (such as sucrose), aspartame (NutraSweet), artificial taste and color to work too much. Problems of children's behavior. Unfortunately, that is not that simple.

The idea that food influences behavior is growing popularity when allergists Benjamin Feingold, M. D. Announced Feingold Diet in 1973. He insisted on edible colorants and artificial perfume-free diets to treat bulimia. Many parents speculate that food additives, including sugar, should be avoided. *

However, in a double-blind trial, neither the child, its parents nor the researcher knows the sugar and does not receive a placebo. Sugar in meal does not affect children's behavior . (Id.)

On the other hand, sophisticated (processed) sugar may temporarily affect the activity level of children. Because refined sugars and carbohydrates enter the bloodstream quickly, there is a sharp fluctuation in the blood glucose level. This process may cause adrenaline and make the child more vigorous. **

Therefore, the observation of eliminating sugar directly affects behavior and is truly reliable. But like the rest of our process, changes in blood glucose levels do not last.

In addition, the expectation that sugar affects the activity level of children affects how diabetes patients diabetics see how their children behave. In the study published in August 1994, parents who are considered to be influenced by sugar by children's behavior as drawn in an abnormal child psychology journal, children drank a sweet drink When believed to be,

Rather, it is the whole situation that the child affects his behavior. Monitoring the amount of sweets during a meal is healthy with respect to tooth decay and nutrition. Using appropriate behavior management techniques and setting love and consistent limits will help hyperactivity.

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