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AgeProofing is more important than ever. Many people "live for the day" and do not save or plan future health problems. This behavior is problematic because, over the years, innovations have prolonged human life. Dr. Roizen asks: "How do you want to feel aging? Do you want to walk, play tennis or golf, jump rope like a six year old with your six year old granddaughter, travel with your family and launch a New business? Or do you want to be lying on the couch watching Simpsons reps because you have too many ailments and you do not have enough resources to get up and go? "As the average life expectancy is prolonged, we need more money and better health for the last decades. By taking the right steps, we can protect ourselves from common health problems and money in the future. Although many people consider health and finances to be separate issues, Dr. Roizen says that health and wealth are intertwined. He says: "Wealth without health, it will not last, your physical problems will wreak havoc on your bank account, health without wealth, maybe while you are young, but as you get older, you need more resources."

Dr. Roizen will discuss / demonstrate the following "age-proof" advice:

  • How to measure your waist – (p17) – with tape measure
  • How to test your grip strength – (p18) with grip meter [19659006] How strengthen the bones of the hip (pp.229-231) with the jump rope (to show only)
  • How to practice deep breathing to combat stress – (p85) (no accessories required)

OBJECTIVES OF USE LIFE: [19659002] There are several key ways we can become AgeProof:

Access: This means using diagnostic tests to determine your financial and medical situation. Physical tests include blood pressure and abdominal tests, while financial tests include evaluation of your income, net worth and savings.

Easy change behaviors: We can do it by "automating". This means creating a positive habit. For example, you can withdraw money automatically from …

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