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According to Oxford dictionary, meal has two meanings:

kind of food eaten by people, animals, or communities

limited to small amounts or special kinds of food to reduce weight .

Currently, British obey the second meaning because there are different meals accessible by the UK community to achieve the ideal weight. The diet program has existed for over 50 years. The first eating habits were weight guards. It began in 1968 and now has 120,000 members. Members follow the point system so that they can choose the type of food they want to comply. The key to reducing the weight of the program is to not exceed the points assigned on the day.

In the 1970s, the diet of Beverly Hills was created by an actress. Carbohydrate-based food (ie, pasta, rice, bread) was not included for 10 days. But after 10 days carbohydrate food will be reintroduced.

Rosemary Connolly Diet arrived in the 1980s. Her eating habits were eaten low fat diet and combined with exercise. Meanwhile, there is also a milkshake diet therapy. Meals are taken twice instead of eating, and in the evening they take two meals a day. Atkins' dietary therapy spread in the 1990's. This diet advises you not to eat carbohydrate-based unlimited protein-based foods (meat, fish eggs, nuts etc).

Diet enterprises had to develop marketing strategies to adapt to customer interests and lifestyles. For example, the weight watcher program client can purchase food produced by weight watcher. This is ideal for clients. It is guaranteed to be able to control the points, but it is affected by less fat / sugar. Finally, the program can inform the client that the trip is allowed.

Until now, British meals have reached an average of 6,000 people in the past 10 years. Because of this volume of income, this figure will rise as British obesity is increasing.

In a survey carried out in the UK health survey, the level of weight related problems has steadily increased since the early 1990s. The report predicts that the level of obesity may rise to 60% in males and 50% in females, if not taken any action. In 2007, the cost of obesity related diseases reached 1.2 million pounds. This was a 16% increase compared to 2006.

The main cause of obesity is the imbalance between food intake and insufficient physical activity. There are genetic causes of obesity, but these are very rare. The cause of obesity can be explained by various factors including social and environmental reasons, both of which can make it difficult to change healthier lifestyles. According to the report reported by the Ministry of Health, the factors influencing these decisions can be divided into four headings.

Human Biology: In a report created by Foresight, however, such cases are very rare in connection with the number of obese people.

Culture: According to the report of the Ministry of Health, weight management was suggested that for some parents it may be a difficult problem for people to tackle. This study is aimed at helping parents accurately assess their child's weight situation, overestimate the level of activity, underestimate the amount of food the children eat, fight against high fat, sugar, and salt I conclude that I can do it. Finally, they do not link poor people's diet, children's low activity level, and long-term health problems.

Food industry: According to consumer claims, technological innovation enabled the food industry to produce foods inexpensively and in large quantities. As a result, the amount of saturated fat, sugar, and salty processed foods flowing into the market has increased dramatically.

There are several conditions related to overweight and obesity.

Coronary heart disease develops as the artery becomes obstructed or partially occluded with fatty deposits.

Type 2 Diabetes: Occurs when the body can not produce enough insulin or insulin can not be used properly.

Hypertension: High blood pressure is defined as the heart working to pump blood around the body. Over time, the heart weakens, leading to stroke, dementia, heart attack.

Tooth caries: It is also known as rot of teeth. Cavities are formed by tooth bacterial infections. Excessive consumption of sweet food and drinks will cause tooth decay.

The above problem is caused by an inexorable lifestyle, especially excess consumption of salt, saturated fats and sugar. The need to tackle the problem is complex and involves community, industry, individuals, and government. The foresight that is recommended in his report that society as a whole focuses on promoting healthy food choices and that consumption of fat, sugar and salty food must be reduced.

When a client joins the diet program, it can claim to be difficult to maintain the client to remove himself from the program. Dietitian feedback from clients regarding word diet includes rapid corrections, dramatic and expensive things. Dietitians do not recommend clients to use the program because their diet has been successful for the past 50 years. However, a nutritionist recommends the client:
exchanging fat, salt, sugar-rich food with lower options
receive motivational support

] Many common diet regimens do not exercise for purpose or purpose, so please exercise. It conforms to the National Institutes of Health Clinical Development Guidelines (NICE). This is a quality and standards body devised by NHS to improve people's health and treat diseases. According to NICE guidelines, do not use overly restrictive and nutritionally disproportionate diets because they may be ineffective in the long term and may be harmful.
eat breakfast
Building activities on work day
Consume everyday five parts of fruits and vegetables

Whole meal is the best way to lose weight, but people's It depends on the purpose and purpose, the relationship with the program. Do people want to lose half a stone per week? Do you agree with certain restrictions on certain nutrients? Can the client pay the weekly fee? These are the points to consider when participating in the diet program. If the client understands these factors and decides to participate in the program, the diet will continue to succeed.

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