Did You Know Saturated Fats Are Actually Healthy?


Did you know that saturated fat is not bad for you, in fact, that might be good. Listening to this will probably go against the 50 years of the program you are eating from the media. I have heard that saturated fat is bad, but before clicking on this article, please tell me why they are not bad and why they are actually healthy.

In the 1950s scientists named Ansell Keys published papers on why Western societies developed heart disease at an explosive rate. First of all, we need to understand that Ansell's paper was a hypothesis. It is still today. Heart disease caused by saturated fat is not a fact, it is not a very good hypothesis when you are trying to find out.

In Ansell's study, there was actually a very flawed concern about fat regulation and heart disease. One should only use data from a small country and use the specified part. The study came back and examined all the data that came up with this conclusion. These studies found that there was no association between heart disease and saturated fat. What they discovered is that they are thrown into society as facts without scientific methods using scientific methods. After the researchers examined the data, they seem to conclude that they basically caught the idea of ​​diseased saturated fats from the air. He did not consider smoking rate, sugar, carbohydrate intake, daily stress factors, frequency of exercise in this country, and many other lifestyle factors that determine heart risk.

Unfortunately, for nearly 50 years people have said their hypotheses are facts.

A number of studies attempting to associate fat and heart disease planned since the 1950s have been conducted. Most of these studies have found that traces leading to heart disease can not be found with all scheduled fat and that most of the studies that showed links to heart disease also have defects.

One of the things we have is proof that saturated fats may be good for us.

Did you know that there are countries in Africa where tribes eat raw milk, drink bovine blood and eat high fat red meat? What do you know, most of these things contain high levels of saturated fat. The problem is that most of these people are very lean and healthy, and there is no heart disease among these tribes. But I think that saturated fats cause heart disease.

The answer that I am not my friend is ok.

This is a trans fatty acid also known as partly hydrogenated oil.

Next time go to a grocery store, now you are watching the pantry, almost everything you have is partly hydrogenated oil. Fried potatoes are fried in food at all fast food restaurants. This material is also known as margarine shortening.

Partially hydrogenated oil is very bad. In fact, it is a lethal and toxic chemical that the Western society seems to eat for some reason.

At grocery shops, we will try to purchase products that are as natural as possible. Please check the label and make sure there is no partially hydrogenated oil. My motto is always green and eaten.

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