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Even if you are not overly interested in maintaining proper weight or promoting health, there are foods that you should avoid because of high fat, sugar, sodium, calories and other reasons. Advertising and marketing companies are crazy about the idea that they are thin and look good, so they came up with an infinite way to make foods look like a good idea while sending foods full of unhealthy ingredients It was. This allows food companies to express food using the words "health", "low calorie", "all natural". If you really want to maintain a healthy and slim figure, it is best to eat natural foods or whole foods like fresh vegetables and fruits. Even if words such as "low sugar" are displayed in the package, we only fill other additives and artificial ingredients to maintain color, shape and taste. Educate yourselves as to avoid which foods avoid eating. Then extra calories and unhealthy ingredients can not be added to the meal. Fat Salad Dressing – A fat free salad dressing is a salad dressing that claims to contain no fat. If you are watching your blood pressure or cholesterol, avoid this food absolutely as it may cause health problems. The sodium concentration of these types of dressings is incredibly high at only about 500 tablespoons with 2 tablespoons. Instead of buying a salad dressing that does not contain bottled fat, please make yourself without fresh seasonings and salt, such as lemon juice, turmeric, mustard seed.

Protein Bars – This food is one of the best-selling 'healthy' foods on the market. Companies producing these protein bars have a wonderful job of persuading consumers to lose weight and health by including them in everyday meals. The truth is that most protein bars are basically candy bars with vitamins with sugar, fat and calories.

Margarine – Margarine thought to be a healthy cousin of butter is not suitable for use in cooking or baking. Margarine is basically an artificial version of this principal component and should not be used for better health. Margarine is low in calories, but trans fat increases cholesterol and causes health problems.

Dry fruit – Most people are unaware of how unhealthy dried fruit actually is. Everything from dried grapes to dried mango contains a lot of sugar and calories. When eating dried fruits, blood glucose levels that will actually increase your weight and delay metabolism will soar.

Sushi – Because it is a source of low calorie protein, fish occupies a large part of healthy diet. Also, instead of eating fruits in dried packages, fish pick fresh and natural fruits and frozen varieties. Essential fatty acids are high But sushi is not the best and healthy way to put fish in your diet plan. Sushi rolls are incredibly deceived as to how high calories are. A lot of sushi roll additives, including cream cheese, fried fish, white rice, sushi can increase your waistline and pack more than 500 calories into one roll.

Yoghurt – Yoghurt is a good source of vitamin D and calcium, but if you do not choose the right yoghurt it may reach dangerous areas. Some brands pack fat and calorie-filled yoghurt in exchange for sweet taste. The best way to avoid this unhealthy breakfast food is to choose a low fat plain version.

Low Fat Peanut Butter – All natural peanut butter and other nut butter are great, but the Greek yoghurt is better than the other kinds. It is included in healthy diet. Risk arises when the manufacturer removes peanut's natural healthy fat and replaces it with unhealthy sugar. Low fat and low fat peanut butter brands have a higher caloric content compared to regular peanut butter, doubling the amount of carbohydrates. To maintain the health and nutrition of your nut butter choice, choose a more satisfactory full fat version with a smaller amount of sugar.

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