Dangerous children from mobile phones


Many of the techniques we use everyday may pay a very high price to make life more enjoyable and fun. Please have a normal mobile phone or mobile phone. It is a useful tool that we think we can not live without it. But the obvious truth is that some people, especially children, can live in a much shorter life for that.

In nearly two decades, Dr. Andrew Michrowski of Clean Energy's Planetary Association is not aware of the seriousness of the electromagnetic contamination issue that exists today. " But recently scientists are worth noting because recent research has revealed a pattern linking frequent use of mobile phones with increased risk of brain tumors. Faculty and staff at the Pittsburg Cancer Institute were warned to limit the use of mobile phones due to the risk of cancer.

The children warned Dr. Ronald Herberman, the research director, that he must take protective measures in particular. Toronto's Public Health Service announces a statement advising infant children to use mobile phones only in an emergency situation, teenagers restricting to ten minutes

. Microwave ovens, computers, televisions, satellites, and power lines radiate electromagnetic waves at dangerous levels. According to a large scale survey, children born within 200 meters of overhead wires have increased the risk of leukemia by 70%. People living between 200 and 600 meters from the power line had a 20% increase in risk (British Medical Journal, vol 330, p. 1290).

Only cancer is not dangerous. According to Dr. Mishloskie, "We are concerned with cancer, birth defects, diminished immunity against diseases, as well as new diseases related to long-term exposure to electromagnetic fields of specific frequency and intensity".

You can help protect yourself and your family by using special electromagnetic shielding devices, such as cell phone protective plates, which are compact, flexible devices that can be easily attached to mobile phones. As a result of considering many options, we found that these devices are most effective and affordable protection against electromagnetic waves (EMF).

Political behavior is also required.

Mobile phones also pose another health threat as contact allergy. At the prestigious Mayo Clinic in the United States, nickel allergy is considered "one of the most common causes of allergic contact dermatitis". What is this related to mobile phones? About half of the mobile phones have nickel (not bound) on the surface of buttons, decorative logos etc. This can cause a rash on the fingertips and sensitive people's face. This is another reason to limit your child's access to mobile phones, especially if you have existing allergies to nickel or costume jewelry.

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