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Raw milk (cattle, goats, yaks, horses, sheep, etc.) has historically been regarded as super food. It is used in both everyday meals (often fermented) and special groups with extra nutritional needs such as elderly, pregnant or lactating women, warriors, sick people. The text of ancient Babylon tells how raw milk was used to drive out sick devils. "Bring milk and Laban [curdled milk] People become as pure as Laban and may be as pure as milk" (19659002) Part of raw milk is fresh from cows (or other animals) Although it was warm sick, most of it was fermented or cultured, it became various delicious products such as yoghurt, kefir, cheese, lactic fermented beverage. Both the deficiency of the refrigerator and the novice knowledge of the health benefits of "probiotics" are due to

early in the 1800s, we documented the doctor's text. Diseases ranging from asthma and diabetes to colitis, obesity and tuberculosis.

(19459003) Many readers who were also involved in the IBD remission diet (elemental feed used to induce remission of the disease) simultaneously resolved various diseases. This is one of the reasons I refer to time as a "healing spa" in the Diet. If the digestive system is the foundation of the health in the body and natural healing cures the whole body as a whole, then of course you will see positive results in every aspect of your health. All your organs and systems, with the necessary tools, will balance and heal over time.

In the Untold Story of Milk wrote by Natharos doctor Ron Schmid, the basic meal and raw milk are really the first original meals. :

"According to supporters in the second half of the 19th century, the" secret "of dairy products is that the raw milk is in the fact that the body will easily turn into good blood. In disease, two conditions in the blood: insufficient amount, or abnormal quality milk diet, correct both, act through blood and circulation, heal cells, hence tissues and organs. The muscles of milk diet are full of blood as well as organs. "(2)

However, there are some rules that need to be followed. Some important guidelines are needed to succeed in treating raw milk as in IBD remission . Some doctors who used raw milk treatment for patients from the 1800s to the 1930s used raw milk along with light and digestible foods such as fruits. However, the vast majority vowed to consume fresh raw milk and enormous amounts of milk

The most common of these doctors was Charles Sanford Porter Milk I published a treatment for chronic diseases . In this book, he describes how at least 18,000 patients in the past 18 years had been taking raw milk. It was not some trendy diet, or a rapid trend. This was a reliable, scientifically proven method to cure mild to severe disability. In 1929, J.E. Crew MD, one of the founder of the Mayo Foundation (the pioneer of Mayo Clinic) reported that it succeeded in processing raw milk over the past 15 years. He says, "The results obtained with different kinds of diseases are uniformly excellent, the concept of disease and its relaxation are inevitably changing. (3)

In the United States, Russia, Germany It is a big point that many physicians announced their work and achievements Since we are using raw milk feed from the early 1800's to the early 1900's, we have good guidelines for implementation.Personally , I agree with the majority of physicians that turned out to be less successful if I mix other food with raw milk from the basic meal and the rationale behind it. The only other food I think that you can probably see additional benefits is homemade meat – boiled with organic meat and bone.I have an intuitive feeling that this will be okay So (and in addition to the healing power of the regime) IBD remission diet

Rules of raw milk management [19659003] Raw milk processing is applied to Important implementation guidelines when you want to give raw milk after carefully reading the writing by various doctors dealing extensively are as follows try a diet:

  • Use raw untreated milk from grass-raised cows – milk has the best healing value during the spring and summer when cattle eat new high vitamin glasses.
  • High fat milk (from Jersey cattle) is ideal. [2] [1] [2] [3] [4] [3] [4] [5] [4] [5] (Note: 4 cups = 1 quart)
  • Ingestion time of raw milk is 4 weeks, but good results are obtained.
  • I need to take a complete break during a diet – I do not work, take care of my family, go to school, etc. This is what I advise people IBD
  • Filtration and Do not consume other foods and drinks during meals other than spring water

The importance of strict compliance with these guidelines is summarized by Dr. Charles Sanford Porter.

"It is not a mistake to try exclusive milk ingestion with less milk than stimulating the circulation and promoting physical growth, milk alone, digestion and assimilation ( Digestion and assimilation.) Even if a cracker is added to milk, the stomach does not drain into the intestines, it seems to hold the contents for hours. "

How do I stay in a meal?

You may be wondering how long you can stay on raw meal meals safely. To my surprise, there is no limit. The raw milk of grazing cattle is perfect and perfect food. His book the unknown story of milk Ron Schmidt ND associates numerous stories of people who lived in perfect health up to 50 years only with raw milk. There are many examples here. This is a letter from a man in Burlington, Iowa in 1913:

"In the past 45 years I have relied on carefully selected milk feed, but I could not eat any kind of hard food or bread bread.I am age of two I ate a thick leek, which caused a stenosis in the food pipe and since that I have been living in a milk eating habit.I believe it went better than the person I eat.I am 5 feet, 6 inches of my Health is good, in fact I have never been sick in 42 years. "(5)

Schmid cites a number of different examples of those who possess superior health other than raw milk for 3 to 50 years. This is very liberal information! What if elderly people in a nursing home for senior citizens were given raw milk instead of boost, guarantee, processed food?

How to introduce raw milk

For patients with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and irritable bowel syndrome, for people with occlusion or stenosis (IBS) Often hesitant to try raw milk due to the experience of pasteurized milk and susceptibility to milk proteins (these proteins are denatured by the pasteurization process). What is the best way to test and test whether you can use this super cool super food? The guidelines used with myself and my child (not allowed to drink pasteurized milk) to put raw milk and test resistance are as follows.

  • Please only use unprocessed full fat raw milk from pasture cows.
  • If you were sensitive to milk in the past, start making yogurt from raw milk. Raw milk Yogurt is the most tolerant of all raw dairy products.
  • If you like yoghurt and accept it well, you can make an Indian yoghurt drink called Lassie: Add pinch cardamom powder, nutmeg powder, your favorite sweetener (stevia, maple syrup, honey ) Are mixed and mixed. If the texture is too dark please add warm filtered water.
  • When drinking raw milk straight, it is best to drink it separately from other foods. For example, do not eat it in the morning, do not drink or drink anything else. It will consume you just like elemental tremors (it alone when on an empty stomach).
  • Before drinking the temperature or lukewarm water (but do not kill good bacteria or enzymes that boil or promote digestion). Cold milk may impact the system and it may be difficult to digest.

Before the raw milk source was found, the children had to drink pasteurized milk at a friend 's house. The colon moves within 30 hours. Please remember that my child is perfectly healthy, once bowel movements are formed once a day. If pasteurized milk adversely affects them, please imagine what it is doing to digestive digestive system already digested. Raw milk is totally different. My children drink a lot of raw milk per day as they wish. And they still form one bowel movement in one day. I drink raw milk straight, eat cheese of raw milk, yogurt of raw milk, and make shaking from raw eggs and raw milk. To find the raw milk supply source in your area, please visit If you are concerned about safety issues, legality, etc., there are many useful articles on the site.


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5. Schmid, Ron The unknown story of milk p. In a traditional yoghurt recipe, it is necessary to heat the milk to 180 ° F, which is beneficial to raw milk. Destroy enzymes. Therefore, I should not heat milk above 110 degrees F (43 degrees C). However, this usually runs (hard) yoghurt. This is not a problem when using yoghurt in shake, smoothie, or chassis. But if you prefer to eat yoghurt in your company, you need to add gelatin to help consolidate it. So the recipe contains gelatin, but if you are okay with milk yoghurt please follow the recipe excluding gelatin.

    4 raw milk whole milk

  • Natren Yogurt Starter 2 teaspoon
  • Glass quart jar with lid, sterilized
  • 1 teaspoon powder gelatin

Pour 4 cups of milk into the pot and sprinkle the gelatin on the surface of the milk. Leave for 5 minutes while gelatin is dissolved.

2. With low heat, stir constantly and slowly make the milk 110 ° F (43 ° C). Or until you can put your fingers on milk while counting up to 10.

3. Put the yoghurt starter in a wide open quart sized sterilized glass jar. Pour approximately 1/2 cup of milk and stir to mix really well with the starter.

4. Put the milk in a bottle, stir lightly, screw the lid.

5. Please wrap the bottle with a towel and let it sit in a warm place for 8 hours.

6. Rewind and put in the refrigerator. Put the yoghurt in the refrigerator (about 4 hours). If you need even more tough yogurt, then add 1.5 or 2 teaspoon of gelatin.

* If there is no warm place, put the oven light and place it in the oven. Please do not turn on the oven. Please put the lamp of the oven and close the oven door. If you have a yoghurt maker, please follow the yoghurt maker's instructions for incubation using the recipe here, however it is best to incubate for 8 hours

Note: ] Fruits and sweeteners You can put them directly in the yogurt of your main batch. This is because it negatively interferes with probiotic activity and efficacy during storage. However, it is quite safe to scoop out some of the yogurt and mix fruits, jam, maple syrup, or honey just before eating. Please do not mix these with the main batch remaining in the refrigerator.

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