Creative foods to fight arthritis


Holly joined forces with Karen Kennedy, president / CEO of Arthritis Association of Louisiana and registered dietitian, Lee Jackson, to bring a cookbook to the market that can be a source of help and inspiration for patients with arthritis. She said that people close to her who suffer from this chronic condition have also inspired her to write her latest cookbook, Eating Well to Fight Arthritis that focuses on an anti-inflammatory diet and diet recipes arthritic to help with the associated pain and symptoms. People do not realize that there are more than 100 different types of arthritis and it affects all ages. Arthritis is a chronic disease and can affect your lifestyle. "I think what you eat makes a difference in better health," shares Holly.

His father has suffered from arthritis for years with three hip replacements and the inability to keep things in his hands. She also has a friend in Baton Rouge who had to undergo surgery on her hand and fingers due to arthritis. "I included the chapter Toss the Fork because she helped me understand that it is difficult to hold a fork (when you suffer from arthritis)," Holly reveals. Another friend has a severe RA and has been in bed sometimes. Holly included the chapter No Fuss Foods because her friend wanted simple recipes without many ingredients to cook for her family. Chapter Bone-Building provides recipes high in calcium and vitamin D that fight osteoporosis. Holly, who eats healthy and exercises regularly, was surprised to have to start taking a calcium supplement.

Although Holly attended the Cordon Bleu Cooking School in London, where she specializes every day. healthy and easy recipes She started her healthy cooking more than 25 years ago, "I was ahead of my time and I thought there was a correlation with health and food years ago." In addition to her recipes, Holly shares the following tips to help reduce inflammation and relieve inflammation. ..

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