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As a personal trainer, I met many people who have countless excuses in why they can not succeed in terms of living a healthy life, or in their opinion. It is not enough time for exercise, it is not enough money to allow Jim Pas to afford, and lively energy is insufficient. One of the most common excuses I heard is related to healthy diets. Please be careful when I talk about healthy diet. I diet in the sense that I make a healthy diet choice, I starve myself, I do not do celery diet for a week. Many people say that the reason why health foods are more expensive than unhealthy foods, why they can not eat healthy foods is simple. They insist that the cost of healthy meals is too high, so they are obliged to financially unhealthy meals. I decided to do an investigation on the campus of Louisiana State University to see why this is happening.

I started a study by making a gun that asked four questions asking what participants were eating, where they were eating, and eating health. The results of my survey of 100 students showed that 64% of them agreed that healthy foods are significantly more expensive than unhealthy foods. On the other hand, 36% thought that opinion disagreement and healthy diet were not significantly expensive. This, according to my sample, many people believe that this statement can say that health foods can afford too.

Question 2 asked participants what they played the most important role in determining grocery shopping. This result shows that 45% of people play the most important role. The taste of food was most important to 30% of people. Food health is most important to 18% of people and convenience is most important to 7% of people. These results show that despite believing that healthy food is more expensive, before buying a healthy one, what you bought is based on price and food taste It is. Question 3 asked participants how often they ate fast food in a week. As a result, 40% of people eat 3 to 5 times of fast food a week, 7% eat fast food at least 6 times a week, 32% eat fast food 1 or 2 times a week, 15% It is less than once in a week when you eat fast food. This information said that the vast majority of people took 3-5 meals a day from fast food place on week. The last question I asked has played a big part in my research. I asked participants how often I cooked meals without instant food. The results of this question showed that the overwhelming 55% of the participants cooked only 1-2 meals a week. In addition to this, only 34% of participants cooked 3-4 times per week, 3-6 times weekly 5-6 times a week, 11% 7 times a week. From these results, it was found that most participants did not eat dishes other than instant food such as ramen or craft Easy Mac.

From the data I gathered, despite claiming that health foods are more expensive based on participants, food health status is ranked third in the list of importance of grocery shopping I was able to judge it. Also, I decided that the majority of the participants did not cook their own food and had eaten fast food three to five times a week. The majority of people eat cooked fast food three to five times a week, so the cost of healthy meals will be more expensive. If you do not know how to try to find a healthy instant food, finding a healthy instant food at a good price is not too difficult. On the other hand, if you know how to cook, it is far cheaper to buy groceries, prepare a healthy meal, and save money on a long-term basis while saving money.

In a gimmick called Whole Foods, I believe that many people are cooked and the only place to eat health food is the place called Whole Foods. Despite the many people's thoughts, there is no need to shop Whole Foods in Organic Ireland. Taking good health is to make a good decision for the poor. For example, Cheerios' 21 oz box is $ 3.98 and 20.5 oz Box of Lucky Charms is $ 4.18. The other is a healthy choice. Another example is Quaker & # 39; s Instant Oatmeal over Poptarts. PopTarts is $ 3.68 for 2 packs 8 packs, and Auto pack packs is $ 3.65 for 22 packs. I can do all this literally. McDonald & # 39; s Big Mac combo is about $ 7, 4 lb chicken bags are the same price. Hot N '# 39; Ladies Caesars Pizza is $ 5.45, but Wal – Mart' s Rotisserie Chicken is $ 4.95. If we are looking for them, we have a healthy choice. Frozen vegetable bags are $ 1.98 and chip bags are $ 2.00. The only time when unhealthy food is more expensive is to blame their price for their poor eating habits, as you eat out, and it seems that most people are eating a meal. You can find health food everywhere and you do not need to be rich to do so. In some cases, health foods are not as important as people claim, but may be more important.

In conclusion, people think that people believe health foods are more expensive, as they are not preparing food themselves. Since health is not a top priority when eating, people probably will not tend to eat health. When you enter the grocery store and first look for cheap food, please find what you do not need to cook. You can not find a very healthy food in that aisle and you probably will not throw away the first two criteria for the third of health. People are buying cheap, good, and instantly. This is the cause of problems that can only be adjusted by consumer behavior.

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