Child's health and safety issues


Children's health and safety issues face us everyday. Every generation is smarter, stronger and more curious than the precedent generation. That is why it is essential that we work on safety issues and pay more attention to our children.

Recently, daylight saving time is a time of concern when the number of drowning children has reached such a height as to make you feel sick. Even a child dead of accidental drowning is too many things that parents and guardians have ever completely forgiven. Due to such a tragedy that occurred over the past few years fences and rock gates around the pool have just been realized in public consciousness.

The health and safety issues of other children are developed mainly from the lead of imported toys from abroad. Since the late 1970s, lead has been banned from painting US toys, but in other countries there are no restrictions due to economic value and lack of education yet. America is responsible for education and will probably help to encourage these countries and companies to move to lead-free paint.

Even though plastics contain lead, they are still being kicked from children's toy plastic. Lead actually makes the plastic softer and more heat resistant. However, the health problem is that when the plastic is exposed to several detergents, the chemical bond between lead and plastic collapses, is ingested by inhalation and forms dust that leads to respiratory infections and other hatching diseases To do that.

Knowing that chemical interactions and residues are exposed under certain circumstances such as laundering, children's health and safety issues should be at the forefront of the country. For the prosperous country, the health and safety of citizens is a major concern and subject to intense remodeling of the manufacturing industry.

Do-It-yourself kit has been put on the market for lead testing. However, they can not indicate the level of the element, yet they are not determined as to how reliable it is for those kits to detect low levels of lead. Only laboratory tests were able to accurately determine the true level of lead in paint or plastics. Laws restricting the use of paint and plastic lead are in force.

The playground of the school has been superseded by concrete. And the black surface is replaced by multi wood chips and sand, it alleviates the fall of the children and jumps out of the tremor. The most effective safety function is to prevent adult supervision and children from leaving the swing, stepping out of the top rung of the jungle gym, twisting the legs, twisting the ankles.

As to the progress of all technologies, it is important that children's safety and health progress and evolve with the knowledge discovered in the preceding tests and statistical data.

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