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I saw fun articles from Facebook from my relatives. Her children are at school … I received iPads and came home. They used them for homework. Parents had to pay the fee in case the child lost or broke the computer. Parents also had no choice.

I think there is enough problem to activate the kids after classtime has ended without requiring the use of equipment. You know that it will not be used by one teacher. All of them will do it.

Talking with the teacher : While this is not the time to become a parent of a helicopter, it should be discussed between parents and teachers. We need to deal with many problems including too many homework problems.

Restrictions : These teachings are not only used for homework. . The world is available, once the class assignment is completed, the Internet draws its hand. This is the place we need to take the first step and move the children. Example Example : You need to lead examples. After setting the teacher and limits for children and finishing the program, we need to set limits for ourselves and be active. Please play over 30 minutes (I also like girls). I go for a family walk. Please tell me how to lead a child a healthy life.

Once the Internet is born, it is very easy to enter a bad habit. It is not active.

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