Children with diabetes – cause and treatment According to statistics, there are more than 13,000 children diagnosed as diabetes (type I) which was previously known to be juvenile diabetes.


However, the number of children who developed type 2 diabetes is increasing now. It is proven that unhealthy lifestyle and diet that is not healthy are the cause of this disease.

Causes and signs

Diabetes mellitus type I is diagnosed by the ability of the body to produce insulin. Previously it was known that even an adult was also known, it was formerly called childhood diabetes. Hereditary factors may play a role in developing the possibility of becoming diabetic.

Type II diabetes was associated with a change in lifestyle that contributed to weight gain and increased child insufficient behavior.

Some indications of childhood diabetes are sudden weight loss, fatigue, increased thirst, frequent urination, headache, complaints of abdominal pain, behavior problems, and so on. Young children 's diabetes is sometimes determined by the presence of ketoacidosis. Instead of using carbohydrates the acid known as the ketone found in the urine due to the fat used in the body for the body is in a very serious situation.

The treatment of diabetes is as follows:

Most children with insulin – diabetes must use insulin. In the first stage there are small amounts of immediate acting insulin and slow acting insulin, which can increase with age. Dosage and time of administration and rate of recurrence of injection depend on child's activity, age, and blood glucose level.

Monitoring blood glucose levels – Harmonizing blood glucose levels is an essential element in the control of diabetes. It is because low sugar content or high sugar content may damage the health of especially growing children. It is important to check her sugar content daily with your child and evaluate meal, dose, exercise according to meal.

Practice – Physical activity is essential to the treatment of diabetes, as it helps lower body blood glucose levels. Since exercise is no problem, you need to realize that the glucose level should not be kept low. Therefore, it is necessary to guarantee that children have a small number of sugars.

Diet – A normal diabetic meal requires a decrease in fat (especially animal fat) and an increase in sugar and fiber intake, fruits and vegetables. Also, please make sure your child eats meals at regular intervals including snack time every day.

Medication – There is treatment for diabetes, the function is somewhat different, but it helps to overcome body's resistance to insulin. The doctor can prescribe dose and medicine according to the condition of the child.

Parent roles – The best thing parents should do is to understand the diverse forms of diabetes that are prepared to teach children to treat diabetes.

Healthy Eating Tips

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