Childhood obesity – the best way parents can help


When girls grew up, we worked hard to make sure they were healthy. At some point I turned the back yard into the garden. It was a good taste, but the garden was not very visible after harvest. It was one of many ways that we tried to confirm that they stayed fine.

Check Ups : Children need to do more than colds and shots. Every time a child is there, the medical assistant takes up height and weight. This is included in a percentile that helps you to see if there is a weight problem. It is displayed on the graph even before it is displayed.

Nutrition counseling : I grow up in the South. Most of what I learned about cooking had bacon grease, butter, or both. I had to learn to cook many times to keep our family healthy. If it is difficult to understand how you do it, the pediatrician can introduce you to a nutritionist who provides the necessary information.

Follow through at school : School food always has a big fuss. Some schools are trying to provide a healthier lunch. The problem they have is that children do not like it. Food goes to waste when going home, and children go out.

If your school does not provide a healthy lunch for education, or you can not provide it, we recommend packing it. If a child does not like it, it may be in vain, so make sure your child makes a healthy choice.

Lead by example : What we do is to our children. Even if they do not see us, you can probably understand it. We need to eat healthy eating habits. Let 's get checks and encourage activities. Otherwise, children will think that there is only what to do when the children become adults.

Healthy Eating Tips

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