Childhood obesity – robbing our children's health and many years – simple tips to fight it


By not taking immediate action to help children to become the desired weight, simply paving the way for a sunrising sun will result in less adulthood, It is shocking that affectionate and kind parents do not notice It shortens the lifetime of its off spring due to childhood obesity.

By this date I remember when I was 46 years old when I had children more accurately. My classroom consisted of 48 children and the only couple, but because of obesity, all of us still need to know how clear the proportion of pandemics that this health problem is acquiring in the US At

daily activities filled with vitality at the time and the game are in stark contrast to the very comfortable lifestyle of children today. Video games, internet, chat rooms, social networking on the web, besides past social physical exchanges of children, high fat content, high carbohydrate diet, high sugar content beverage consuming food poor eating habits The huge proportion of recent children, the problem is expanding exponentially.

If the early morbidity of diabetes when young has risen and the cholesterol and triglycerides that started to form plaques at very young age arteries are abnormally high values, by changing the way we sit ,.

Simple tips for fighting childhood obesity.

  • Rather than sitting for several hours in front of a television or computer screen, instead of sitting for 30 minutes active walks with children for 3-4 times per week How to set up a family strategy to solve these problems We will provide enough time to talk with our children about how to help.
  • Do not use refreshing drinks and beverages with high sugar content, especially high-fructose corn syrup as sweetener, and sweetened drinks with Stevia instead of cold lemonade or black tea.
  • When using refined flour instead of whole wheat flour, adding fiber to the mix, when spaghetti and pasta buy whole wheat type, cup spoon of crushed flax seeds will make you wonder about digestion Do, and provide essential fatty acids.
  • If you need to choose a low-fat presentation for dairy products, make your child involved in making homemade soy milk as a healthy alternative instead of regular milk.
  • Mushrooms and cookies are made from steel-cut oats, and almonds, walnuts and pecans are added to make healthy snacks with crunchies.
  • Let vegetables eat fun vegetables to draw interesting faces. This increases the willingness to consume vegetables. Do the same thing as fruit.
  • Please make fish recipe at least twice a week instead of lean meat. If lean meat chooses a cut to end with loose (Sirloin, Tenderloin etc.)

Follow the advice of your child's doctor if there is a specific medical condition specifically related to your child. They know the ideal weight and health condition of your child before starting exercise programs and changing diet.

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