Childhood obesity – physical effects


Our parents are looking for the best for our children. Attention is required for immunization. We will receive it regularly to the dentist and ophthalmologist. We do not believe childhood obesity is a problem, but that will happen. In this article I will explain why we need to address this problem.

Hypertension : Obesity does not distinguish the age at which obesity is involved. Children who have to receive medication to control blood pressure are increasing and their tendency is increasing more and more. Hypertension can cause kidney problems, heart disease, stroke. If it can not be found early, these problems occur at a much younger age than most of us think.

High cholesterol : This is given after blood pressure. In fact, under appropriate circumstances, children need to check cholesterol as soon as possible. Children about 10 years old know that they take medicine for this problem.

Diabetes : Most of us recognize this as a physical problem related to overweight. It does not cause type 1 diabetes, but it certainly can cause type 2 diabetes. Diabetes can cause eye, heart, kidney problems.

What should we do ? We must look over our way of life. We should investigate what we eat and what we do physically. If it is not a healthy diet, you need to consult a dietician. They will help you set up a healthy version of what your family likes.

How active is your family? What our adult doing (or not doing) is reflected in our children. If we do not have some form of exercise, they do not want to. Please consult your doctor and pediatrician and find exercises that work for you.

We do not need to see the children develop these medical problems. Some of our small behaviors will help them stay well.

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