childhood obesity – a hint for parents


It is not always easy to find a way to make a child fit. There are a lot of distractions. There are problems of school and food.

School meal survey : Parents can usually eat with children. Especially when you are volunteering in the classroom especially. By eating several times with them you can see what they are offering. Look for these things:

Are you healthy or have grease tablespoons in the middle of pizza? Appetizing? Does it taste good? Are the children eating it, are they throwing it away?

Work with school : After finding out what is being offered you can deal with any problems you see. The school district can help you make better foods from the cafeteria. If food can not be accepted, we recommend that you pack your child's lunch.

Encouragement : You can do this at school or at home. I was allowed to stay in the playground with our children after signing in at the front office. This is probably still the case. It is not only to help people who are in charge of the playground, encouraging children to play.

Participate : Please play as much as possible. At school you may be playing a team game or just throwing a ball. Playing with children is fun, it is a good exercise for you, and it shows to all children that this is something of adults and children.

Healthy Eating Tips

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