Child abduction: what you can do to protect your child


It is certain that your child has a very high chance of living without success or abortion attempt. In fact, most children never experience this horrible event. According to Kids Health (, 2100 missing child reports are reported every day in the US, most of them are parents / children about where the child is running away, It is the result of the misunderstanding of the child. Only 25% of children actually kidnapped are deprived by strangers. Still, parents are worried that anywhere children may become victims of this horrible crime.

There are several things that help to prevent your child from becoming a victim of abduction. There are also things you can do to help you find your child sooner if you are kidnapped. First of all, please take a picture like your ID from your child every 6 months. In this way, police and other search agents can get accurate explanations while searching. Also, your child should be recorded with fingerprints.

Of course in an ideal world you will always supervise your children, but in reality we can not watch our eyes on children everyday. Therefore, I would like to tell your child the address, telephone number, parental name, but the name when losing or feeling as if they are in danger. Please tell me who is asking for assistance such as police officers and security guards who is safe.

Another option you have will be to register your children in teacher self-defense and safety martial arts classes. These classes teach children's self-confidence (hard to become a victim), awareness to avoid potentially dangerous situations, and the ability to protect themselves in case of need.

If children are aged enough to surf the Internet with direct supervision of adults, we would like to set rules on what is allowed on the Internet and teach about that risk online Leaking too much information to strangers to.

If you suspect that your child has been kidnapped, immediately contact your local law enforcement agency. Be prepared to answer many questions about your child, such as what he or she was wearing when you last saw him or her.

Source: Children's Health (

Hints for Protecting Your Child

1. Do not dress your children with that name. They will trust much more strangers calling them by name.

2. Please set secret family words. Tell the children that they are not allowed to go anywhere with people who do not know secret words.

3. Tell me what they should do when a stranger gets close. Role-play various scenarios until you get used to routines.

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