Chef Susan Teton Campbell – Give our children a healthy diet

Nourishment is very important in childhood

In this article, Chef Susan Teton Campbell shares dietary habits of children such as aquaculture foods and car snacks. Susan is a food evangelist and is a coauthor of "Raising New America" ​​and "Healthy School Lunch Action Guide".

Kevin : Please tell me a bit about your experience of working with children and working in school. How can I introduce these foods to children?

Susan : I worked in a school in the 1990s, I think that depends on children. I think that it is very important to raise children only by the food of the earth, not the factory. I have a neighbor that McDonald stops as a fear for children. They have been saying for a while. It's like treatment. They bring home these milk shakes with these sweet colas and all kinds of things. They are just on the spot. They are very exciting.

I brought up my son who had allergies and concentration, and now everything we call ADHD. He has all grown up now, but this is how I learned that food can be so powerful for the first time. If you think that your parents are fine, I do not think that it is enough for that anymore. Children born in today's world are not as strong as 20-30 years ago. Each generation will be a little weaker for environmental impacts and for all other reasons. I think it is absolutely important to start your child with a very healthy diet. I will surely include cultured food in their eating habits. If they are young and you are breeding in a good diet, their formation will be able to deal with joked foods as they enter a larger, more expanded social life.

I know that it is a problem with many parents. I know that it is really difficult. My friends make sure that they sit on a sitting dinner every evening, despite sometimes doing these other things. Overall, their children have dinner every night and they have time for their family. I think it is also really important.

I strongly encourage cultured meals. If you do not have the time to make them, please make sure they get pills or probiotics in some way. There are many products on the market right now.

Another thing is that parents do not expect children to eat a lot of food and finish all the food. Most children do not need as much food as people think they need. They inform them when they are hungry. So, you always want to make sure you have nuts, seeds, things like in the car and small pack · go kits. Then the children will be hungry or the blood glucose will go down, # 39; there will always be liquid and you may always have dried fruits and nuts and seeds for them. If they become really hungry, eat good food grasping it, it is done. They do not need so much food.

I really do not want to eat their broccoli and as long as I have good, healthy food around my house, if not making them, I think.

Things certainly they will. What I eat now never eaten when I was a child.

And I do not like to enter vegetarian, low-fat, high-fat vegan. I am actually trying to educate people to eat from the earth, not the factory. If people want to actually incorporate animal food into their lives, what I say is to confirm that animals are healthier than you want.

Please be sure to drink milk or eat cheese. Eat animal food and eat other really healthy foods on the planet, they are doing pretty well all the time. The worst processed foods and processed foods, all chemical substances are troublesome factory foods.

Kevin : I have not ethically opposed dairy farming and eggs, but I have read something like The China Study. What is the answer? do you understand? Are you thinking about it?

Susan : I think that the answer is not that much. Eating like salmon everyday everyday, such as these diet and low carbohydrate diet every day. I think that it is not that big if you have something eggs in the week. But I agree, I think it is better for more vegetarian meals. However, the vegetarian meal does not mean that you eat a lot of starch.

Kevin : That's right.

Susan : This is a true advocate to encourage people to eat more leguminous plants. There are not many beans, but there are lots of lentils, chicken beans and beans. These are really wonderful foods. All these vegetables and high quality, alkaline cereals and aquaculture food. If you eat animal food, they should be more modest like a hundred. They believe that 10 to 15% of the meals are some animal proteins. It's a very small amount. They took a piece of meat to make a stew and perhaps there was a chewing taste of two meats. That's enough, that's what you really have.

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