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Hope for no hope – depression and eat disorders

Approximately 80% of all severe cases with anorexia or bulimia coexist with a diagnosis of severe major depression. Depression is very painful and is all an eating disorder of itself. However, in combination with eating disorders, depression is beyond the devastating one and is often masked within the eating disorder itself. Depression in eating disorder patients looks different from patients with only mood disorders. One way to explain how depression seems to those suffering from eating disorders is hidden misery. Depending on clients with eating disorders, depression […]

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12 tips to help breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is the first baby to be born and is considered natural for mothers and newborn babies. However, if there are some problems in breastfeeding your child, there are 12 useful tips that will help you and your child enjoy the special bond between the mother and the child. 1. Please start breastfeeding to your child as soon as possible after childbirth – it is preferable to do it within the first 2 hours 2. Always make sure that you and your baby are in a comfortable […]

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Full plate, please eat it for better self improvement

Are you thinking or thousands of people who are saying the following? "My tableware is full!" For many of the people of the 21st century, this phrase is quickly becoming another Wiesel Life Word. Instead of acting for self improvement including better time management, individuals are now returning to this excuse not to take action. Action Plan for Life Goal Achievement Process Effective Time Management Leadership Skill Active Attitude If you believe that your plate is full, that belief is driving your attitude shown through your own […]

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The earliest sign of pregnancy – 15 symptoms during pregnancy

Many women have experienced symptoms of pregnancy, noticed that signs of pregnancy are different, and some women are not pregnant. Below are some of the most common signs during pregnancy. 1. Buds and smells of sensitive taste Food you've tasted might be badly bad as you are pregnant. It may even make you sick. If your favorite food is sick of you, it could be a sign of pregnancy as early as possible. 2. I missed your period Another early sign of pregnancy is devoid of your […]

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Bodybuilding – correctly eating

Body building requires strength, balanced diet, endurance and proper training. Appropriate diet, while maintaining general well-being, body builders will increase muscle mass. When receiving a body building program, you need to eat generously and frequently with protein rich and high quality food. In severe bodybuilders, it is common to eat five to seven meals a day or snacks. This quantity of food provides the body with appropriate nutrients and energy to run during the day. Food intake should be done every 2-3 hours. Professional bodybuilder understands this […]

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