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Use protein powder and protein shakes for weight loss and exercise

If you are on a diet or exercise and have not enough protein, you may be fighting the battle to lose with weight loss. Studies published by the Journal of American Dietetic Association lost more weight than the group eating low carbohydrates / high carbohydrates / low fat diet. In another study published at the ADA journal, three groups of postmenopausal women who were overweight were divided. Group 1 reduced 400 calories by one day. Group 2 used less than 400 calories, but exercised low intensity, group […]

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Warning – eat this morning sick food at your own risk!

When you always feel sick, the morning sick meal is not the first thing you want to talk about. Many of the serious health problems like starvation ketosis and dehydration can occur even without you You can not get the nutrition you and your baby needs. Let's understand that the progesterone level gets higher at the beginning of pregnancy to soften the uterine muscle that hinders early delivery. It softens the digestive muscles and empties the stomach sky more slowly. It contributes to the accumulation of gastric […]

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You are what your grandmother eats!

Another catchy phrase or clever slogan is accepted as too much a true commentary on human condition, "You have eaten!" Physical, emotional. "Put in trash and put out garbage" But I am trying to raise another level. "You are also grandma's to eat." And she in front of her. And they. And from now on, infinitely. It's not really a new idea, but it attracts a lot of attention in the diet, nutrition and fitness industries. And for good reason it is true. It is called "metabolic […]

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How many calories are needed?

If you answer this question, it will be half of the weight loss game. The minimum calorie required per day is 1200. This ensures adequate vitamins and minerals. The method of calculating more accurate calories required for a day is to multiply the ideal weight by 12 in the case of women. The man multiplies the ideal weight by 14. For example, you can eat 1,500 calories per day 125 pounds a day. When she reaches that weight, she keeps eating 1,500 calories a day to maintain […]

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A good step to reduce weight during pregnancy

Many women are always trying their own way to reduce weight during pregnancy. It is because it becomes very difficult to become slim again if the body gains weight during pregnancy and you can not regain the past slim body shape. However, it is said that many women start doing foolish things by acting foolishly, and as a result, hurt their bodies. So let's talk about some of the best tips for losing weight during pregnancy for women. 1. First of all, the mother should eat several […]

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