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The worst thing to say to naturally thin people (and hints from them)

Yeah, I am a thin girl. know. 5 & ​​# 11, 11 & lbs. What people do not notice is reasonable – I do not have hyperthyroidism, I am walking all my life like this. I eat junk all day and I do not exercise. (In Jim 's class, I understand that skinny does not mean fitting now as clinically obese people have overtaken me. To be fair, Anyway, I'm tired of being sick and tired of the people who actually think of it But you must […]

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Naturally treat hair loss – alternative relief for female thin hair

There are various approaches to depilation treatment. Natural thinning hair treatment is a desirable method for those seeking ways to restore their hair without compromising their health. Almost half of all women will experience some thinning hair during middle age. Loss of hair can occur early or later for some people. Your genetic history, lifestyle, and hair care routines all affect your ability to regrow your chain. Causes of female thinning The treatment used to treat hair loss should be rigorously determined by the cause of loss […]

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Eating disorders during holidays dealing with loved ones

For most people, the holiday season is a wonderful year. When families, friends, colleagues gather together and share a good will and good food, it is often time to celebrate family reunion, socializing and celebrating. The season is bright, happy, filled with the best relationship. However, for those suffering from eating disorders, this is often the worst of this year. For people trapped in private hell of anorexia, bulimia, bulimia, holidays often expand personal fight and cause great internal pain and confusion for them. In the center […]

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Take the Limits: The Disorder of Eating and the Tragedy of Perfection

I think that perfectionism is sickness, creeping on us, spreading in all areas of our lives, coloring our existence with its demands and judgments, I think that it is dirty. Professional life, of course, hobbies, friendships, intimate relationships, family life. We need to have the most beautiful house, the most organized schedule, the finest engraved body, and the perfect heart for the rest of my life. Most of us are tired of secrecy and are about to take a day off. At least that's the way I […]

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Why is confidence important to attract women

Confidence is not what you see but what you feel. In every life, there is always a longing for some kind of identity. We, as human beings, always want to belong to something to fulfill the instinctive desire to find out who we are. Regardless of whether you find your identity as CEO, or as a member of an exclusive club, it is human nature that wants to belong to something. Without this identity, you will always feel like you are looking for something. If you find […]

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