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A simple fitness tip that will help you to improve your health

Healthy thing is everyone can do. Unfortunately, many people are not talking about the way they get healthy or what to do during the day to keep the body top shape. This article is a quick guide to help keep the body in a healthy way. 1. Please keep the daily journal of what you eat. This way you can track your health. For example, too much carbohydrates make you sleepy, and energy may explode when you eat smoothies with fruits and vegetables. The journal can help […]

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Childhood obesity – physical effects

Our parents are looking for the best for our children. Attention is required for immunization. We will receive it regularly to the dentist and ophthalmologist. We do not believe childhood obesity is a problem, but that will happen. In this article I will explain why we need to address this problem. Hypertension : Obesity does not distinguish the age at which obesity is involved. Children who have to receive medication to control blood pressure are increasing and their tendency is increasing more and more. Hypertension can cause […]

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Five easy ways to become green

1. Pre-cycling Everyone knows the importance of recycling. Pre-cycling is the process whereby buyers consider the size of containers before purchasing. In this way, purchasing packaged products is avoided. As an example, putting a small cube of cheese in a large container makes no sense buying it. Packing just winding up in the trash box is in vain. Instead, you may buy cheese with a slice in a small rapper. Food is kept clearer and more convenient. This also reduces the amount of waste recycled. 2. Use […]

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Type 1 diabetes has ceased to be classified as a childhood disease – it now affects people of all ages

Nourishment is very important in childhood

Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease, a disease that attacks cells in the body. In Type 1 diabetes, it attacks and destroys the β cells of the pancreas, a cell that produces hormones called insulin. Insulin is a hormone that lowers blood glucose levels while maintaining an appropriate balance between glucose and insulin in the blood. When these pancreatic cells are destroyed, individuals can not produce insulin, resulting in hyperglycemia (known as diabetes). Diabetes is not treatable and as with all autoimmune diseases, what it causes […]

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32 healthy meals a week with healthy brutal ideas

Healthy diet of the week: Baking chicken & rice Healthy left behind idea: chicken melt sandwich with one bread in the oven, everything is very It will be convenient. In most cases, when everything is placed in the oven and the timer is set, in most cases it is necessary to sit without doing anything and wait for it to sound, apart from the necessary minor preparatory work Yes. In addition, you can make these handy-made sandwiches using the following leave behind ideas. Combining fruit and water […]

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