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How to Raise Healthy Kids

Work to care for children for parents. This means bringing up children in a healthy and safe environment and providing the best care. Bringing up healthy children begins with starting healthy pregnancies. Combining balanced diet and exercise to pregnancy without drugs and alcohol is definitely the best starting point for raising healthy children. Many women believe that drinking in the late triester is not harmful to the baby, but according to the CDC, there is no safe alcohol amount that a woman can drink during pregnancy. The […]

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Five Easy Ways Yoga Breaks Unhealthy Eating Habits

Nourishment is very important in childhood

Do you eat constantly and eat, take snacks in junk food and taste desire for sweet and salty food? You tried to eat health, but were you overwhelmed by all the advice thrown to you from every corner? Yoga emphasizes healthy balanced diet and provides various ways to break unhealthy diet. If you regularly eat sophisticated foods or processed foods, please drink lots of caffeine, alcohol, lean and fatty foods. It places an unnecessary burden on the cardiovascular system, increases the risk of weight gain, increases the […]

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10 Ways to Prevent Preschool Childhood Obesity Through Healthy Eating

As a mother with a young child it is really difficult to find time, money, energy for your child to eat in a healthy way. You have a vision that you stand up in the kitchen quickly and prepare meals, prepare meals, cook, eat, prepare meals of fruits and vegetables, not attractive to anyone when there is little time to wash them I will! So, what is the solution? 1. Planning ahead is the key to a healthy diet. Begin with your weekly shopping list and think […]

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7 Reasons Why People Are Reluctant to Change Their Eating Habits

According to the questionnaire, there are many reasons and excuses why people can not change their eating habits to alleviate suffering. When I saw people in clinics for 20 years, I found that this is their case. As naturopath, it is my job to persuade people to change their lifestyle and diet. And most people know that it is an important part for recovery and healthy living but in general we encounter resistance taste buds rebel According to the taste of research, it is the first reason […]

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Is Your Child at Risk of Developing an Eating Disorder?

Therapists generally guarantee parents that no one is due to eating disorders in children, but causes of anorexia, bulimia, overeating are not fully understood. However, scientists were able to pinpoint the exact risk factors for developing these diseases. It was found that there is a strong connection between how to manage conflict avoiding children and their behavior and eating disorders. Patients with eating disorders are families who are suffering from depression, alcoholism, substance abuse, anxiety, perfectionism, obsession and obsessive compulsive behavior, and those who have substantial goals, […]

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