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Drinking water for children

I know that water is necessary to survive, but please persuade the fact that I am seven years old. Many children do not like water, rather they have sweet juice and soda pop. Drinking water is a very important key for the overall health of children. Water is an essential nutrient accounting for 50 to 60% of body weight. Water is an important element to transport other nutrients in the body to help build and repair cells. Depending on the person, it is recommended to drink 6 […]

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Eating cherries in Texas has good things for you

Cherry. Sweet, tart and ah very good. Individuals in Dallas, Houston, Texas, Pi, Drink, Pit, Pit, Juice, Oral, Malachy Node, Chocolate cooked, Whipped cream on top, blended in a special sauce You can find them in. They are part of our ethnic folk that George Washington cuts cherry blossoms. Even cherry rats have proved in cherry that research allows you to add a sweet taste to your desserts and fruit gums. Researchers have recently discovered that cherries may support healthy cardiovascular and other individuals According to a […]

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Some facts concerning cerebral palsy and its causes

Home food is best for kids

Cerebral palsy is a lifelong condition in which treatment is not known. The term "cerebral palsy" actually encompasses a group of neurological conditions. These conditions cause physical impairment of the infected person. Unlike other brain target deficits, it is not a genetic defect and family history / family tree is not an indication of this condition. This disease is essentially partial muscle paralysis caused by brain injury, which typically involves a loss of sensation in the body and an uncontrolled tremor. According to, this suffering is […]

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Can cooking games for children eat healthier?

By doing something fun in the kitchen, you can encourage the children to start cooking. You can struggle to find a healthy meal and pretend you want some help. They may surprise you with what you came up with. However, some children are not interested in cooking, so you can also introduce cooking games for children. Have you ever seen a cooking contest on TV? The chef can have a good time to face the challenge of cooking. I believe in cooking games there is an extra […]

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Understanding the stroke of the elderly – symptoms, effects and assistance

Someone has a risk of stroke, but the elderly are more vulnerable. Elderly people suffering from hypertension are at high risk. Risk is even higher if hypertension is indicated by diabetes, smoking or alcohol swallowing. Men are at higher risk than women. Elderly people are not always conscious of these factors, but sometimes it seems that they do not know the facts. In a survey conducted at the Mayo clinic in 2007, it was found that 50% of elderly patients who had previously stroke did not recognize […]

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