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5 Easy Healthy Recipes for Children

People with children may find it difficult to provide healthy recipes to children throughout the day. This is particularly troublesome if your children are already developing bad habits or friends who consistently eat fast food and potato chip bags. But do not worry you can open your child's eyes to a wonderful world of healthy nutrition. This is a great opportunity to teach your children the importance of a healthy diet. People do not monitor what they eat. It is not too early to educate them about […]

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Benefits of top 10 drug-free products

Knowing the results helps you not to get away Perhaps you have heard that the medicine is tough. It can damage the brain, heart, and other important organs. Drug abusers lose their relevance and concentration. They often find it difficult to think clearly and make wise decisions. If I know how much I can benefit from drug free life I do not even touch drugs. There are several advantages of being drug free. First of all, you live longer and healthier. Drug abuse leads to extreme weight […]

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Health and Nutrition

What is nutrition? All molecules in the body are made by nutrients and have more than 45 nutrition. These nutrients make up the body's molecules, cells and tissues. We get energy from carbohydrates, protein, fat that we eat. These are called macronutrients. These macro nutrients are degraded / metabolized and give energy to the body. Vitamins and minerals (called micronutrients) are not metabolized as energy, but they are important to help macronutrients convert to energy. What is a healthy diet? It is necessary to individualize the optimal […]

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Orthorexia – Are you crazy about a healthy diet?

Body trust A few months ago, on the body trust, I took online course with Be Nourished. It had a great influence on my thinking about my body, weight, diet, exercise. I was pretty heavy in my early 40s, but no matter what I did, nothing was exaggerated. But in the process, I learned a lot about nutrition and exercise. I was sorry for lots of things about my weight and my way of thinking. And it really is in my world and has an impact on […]

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Medical Oncology for Children

Health problems with technology introduction

Pediatric cancer treatment is most often called pediatric oncology. It is one of the most ruthless forms of cancer to attack the young defenseless children. Spending time learning about cancer and pediatric oncology will unduly discover that there are lots of story of young life too early for this horrible disease. In an effort to fight cancer, children have to undergo painful medical tumor treatment. Types of cancer treatment for children The main types of cancer treatment for children are chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and surgery to remove cancer. […]

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