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Lifestyle modifications, part 1: weight reduction, DASH diet plan and sodium reduction

This short video provides education for doctors to help patients reduce various risk factors for heart attack and stroke. The topics in Part 1 include weight loss to lower blood pressure and ways to improve meal plans to have more heart health. You can download this video and additional lifestyle modification resources at Registration with HHQI, but it's completely free.

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How to live longer

Recent scientific studies have shown that people less than 1000 calories a day live longer than people eating 2,000 calories a day. What does this mean, if you spend a lot of time, means that you need to eat the amount of food you are eating, you live longer, it does not include that time. Imagine what you can do with this extra time. Spend some time with your family, learn new sports, what you want. Limiting food intake, but as long as you mean, is one […]

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