Can You Lose Weight by Eating Salads?


Is a salad key to lose weight? Please look it up in this article.

Have you ever heard of a person who lost weight by eating a salad? Were they able to keep it? Were they suffering a lot? Let's find it.

Salad benefits

The main advantage of eating salad to lose weight is that it contains a lot of calories. You can eat a huge chunk of green leaves and give only 20 calories, or about 1% of what women need to eat everyday.

If you add a dressing to this, you can prepare more hidden calories.

Salad problems

Salads are superior as more caloric side aspects like fried potatoes, but as such it is not a way to reduce a lot of weight.

We do not recommend eating a lot of salad to lose weight. However, the salad as part of a balanced diet is wonderful.

The problem with salad is that nutritional value is not very high, but it provides only a little. If you want to get nutrients from plants, it is better to eat something like broccoli or root crop.

And a meal plan centered on salad brings serious malnutrition to you and leaves no enough calories. Your muscles will be wasted. I will not do it!

Better meals

It is better to eat salads in regular healthy meals. So, if you have meat dishes (slimming meat is preferred) you can eat a salad instead of some greasy substitutes.

If you want to eat low-calorie food rich in nutrition, you better eat more fruit. If you eat a rich different fruit, you can actually live this way forever and a few people choose to do so.

I do not know one person who succeeded trying to live in a salad!

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